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Who Killed Tina and Eddie in Friday the 13th: Part V?

Roy Burns gives Tina (Debi-Sue Voorhees) a headache
Some things John Robert Dixon and Debi-Sue Voorhees has said made me think about this. In a 2012 interview Debbie-Sue said that she wasn't sure of the actor's name, but "I think his name could’ve been Tom. I do remember when I looked up it was a sweet guy with red hair, red beard  looking down at me with a big smile on his face – honestly I don’t remember his name but I do remember him being very sweet, and I had a hard time not laughing cause he was just ‘hi’!”

The actor and stuntman who played the killer Roy in Friday the 13th: Part V, Tom Morga, does not have red hair and didn't in 1984 when the movie was filmed. Morga does wear a beard from time to time, but according to behind the scenes photos of Morga during the filming of the film, he never had one.

Roy Burns puts a hurting to Eddie (John Robert Dixon)
When I spoke to John Robert Dixon in 2006 (or so) he said that the death scene was shot off of Mulholland Drive, with just the people involved in the scene and a small crew of people. This leads me to believe that a stand-in was used for Roy's hands while second-unit may have been doing scenes with Morga back in Camarillo. Dixon also told me that stuntman Eddie Matthews was a stand-in for him in the scene where Tommy body-slammed him.

So, did Johnny Hocks (who played scenes of Jason and Roy) do the hands It's quite possible, but I do think now Hock has come out that he would have mentioned this infamous scene. When I looked further into this I did find two other people with red hair who worked in departments of the movie that would have been present. The man who was fired off of a movie for choking out Steven Seagal, Gene "Judo" LeBell, was credited as a stunt performer in the film and he has red hair and was 51 when Part V was filmed. The hands in the film do look like that of an aged male.

Another shot of the killer's hands
Another likely candidate is special make-up effects artist Anton Rupprecht. Sadly, he can't answer this because he passed away in 2005. It is very likely a special-effects artist does a stand-in for kill scenes to make sure they go right and as expected. Rupprecht had red hair and always wore a neatly-groomed red beard. If anyone close to Rupprecht knows the answer to this, please let me know.

There's no doubt that this wasn't Dick Wieand, so I won't even consider him.

On a side thought, isn't it weird that both people in this scene were killed in a way where it blinded them?

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