Sunday, January 6, 2013

On Location in Blairstown News

from: released one of the never-before-seen photos that will make it to the new David Grove book On Location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th a long with some words from Grove himself on doing this book as a follow up to Legend of Camp Blood.

When asked why he wanted to revisit "Friday the 13th," Grove told Riverside Horror, "my goal with this book was to write one of the most detailed books ever written about the making of a single film, which in this case is the first 'Friday the 13th' film; a book that would match other great books in the genre, like Stephen Rebello's 'Psycho' book and David A. Szulkin's book on the making of 'Last House on the Left.' I feel I have succeeded." [...]

"'Friday the 13th' was born out of the exploitation genre, which made its commercial success all the more shocking and unlikely. The success of 'Friday the 13th' was most responsible for the horror backlash that took hold in the mid 1980s. For me, personally, I saw the film as a kid, and it scared me unlike any other horror film, and so I have a personal relationship with the film."

The author did admit he felt some trepidation about how much undiscovered info he'd find about the film.
"With so much having been written and said about the film over the years, especially by me, I wondered if there would be enough new material to warrant a whole new book, especially to die-hard genre fans who have seen and read everything." [...]

"I was skeptical myself, but as I went through, I found so much new information, and there's so many things in the book that will be a shock and revelation to fans. The book takes the reader to Blairstown with the cast and crew and covers the filming in painstaking detail and all of the events that happened off screen. The book follows the lives of the cast and crew leading up to 'Friday the 13th,' and not just Sean Cunningham, Victor Miller, Tom Savini, and the usual suspects, but the guts of the film crew; people like Barry Abrams, who I became friends with over the years, and Virginia Field and all the guys on the crew who spoke to me exclusively. We see how the lives and events led up to 'Friday the 13th.' There are lots of photos and materials that have never been seen before, like the cast and crew picture I sent you. So much stuff. I hear Wikipedia pages being rewritten as we speak."

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