Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fan film review: Crystal Lake Resurrection (Re-imagining)

Part 2

Oh my god, this movie was freaking hysterical! I have not laughed so much during a fan film- ever! Okay, so let me just get down to the nitty-gritty. The movie is about a kid who walks to the docks of (what seems to be) Crystal Lake stumbles upon a crappy Rubies hockey mask. What does he do next? Well like any kid would do, he slices his own wrist, lets the blood drip on the mask and starts chanting this hilarious "oh Jason watery grave- come back!" mumbo-jumbo and what do you know- Jason was just chilling at the bottom of the lake. Jason pops out of the water and after raising his arms half-mast and breathes hard he literally feels his way past the dock.

Can't wait for the movie? Want to see some spoiled kills?

Here's a short behind the scenes video of most of the deaths in the movie. Now, keep in mind that these may be spoilers- although I did not find them to be. You do get to see Jason in action and directed. It's well worth a watch.

Is it just me, or does the boat kill remind you of the opening of Sleepaway Camp? I still can not help from immediately thinking of that every time I see it!

Dark Delicacies: His Name Was Jason signing.

It's a little too bad that I don't live closer to California- they seem to have the best conventions and horror gatherings. Ryan at Shock Till You Drop attended and took some photos; this one especially looks awesome. Check out Ted White holding the newest young-Jason Caleb Guss- looks almost father-figure like!

Jason Voorhees took Burbank, California. Make that multiple Jasons; many of his victims, and final girls, too. Last night, Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank) held a signing event for this week's DVD release of His Name Was Jason.

The guest turnout - a mixture of cast and crew from twelve Friday the 13th films (that includes the reboot) - was so large, Dark Delicacies enlisted the help of Emerald Knights, a comic book store across the street, to hold everyone. The fans didn't seem to mind, braving the line outdoors, and the plunging temperatures, to meet the likes of Kane Hodder, Amy Steel, CJ Graham, John Fury, Shavar Ross, Judie Aronson and many more. Spirits inside were high and the "Jasons" appeared to get along just fine, although one bailed out early for unknown reasons.
Head on over to Shock Till You Drop and check out the rest of the photos.

Friday The 13th Blu-Ray framing problems.

Well, it's been discussed allover the internet- the Friday The 13th Blu-Ray's picture has been cropped at least 10%, some people don't seem to care and others are livid and want this issue to be corrected.


The new FRIDAY THE 13TH Blu-ray and DVD discs have an image that has been zoomed in and re-framed 10.6% compared to the original theatrical ratio (and the ratio presented on previous discs). How you feel about this? Too small to matter, or too big to ignore?
Feel free to discuss this on the FridayThe13th Blog.

A reader had this to say as well:

The new disc has the proper framing. When the MPAA ordered the film cut in 1980, they went back and edited the original negatives, as the film was not framed for theatres yet. And they actually slipped up while doing that and left more picture seen that the director intended. You'll notice the original, uncut version has always been framed like the new DVD. Look at the region 2 DVD. It's the same as this new one. I think the USA R rated version was the "wrong" one all along, and didn't have the picture quite as close in as originally intended.

Big day for Friday The 13th.

So, yesterday Friday The 13th I-III and the long awaited Friday The 13th documentary "His Name Was Jason" was officially released yesterday. I am proud to say that I got them on the first day and have not had time to watch them yet. Please do the franchise a favor and pick them up! If you needed fodder until you do- here's a Friday The 13th blog review on "His Name Was Jason"!

It was also nice to see Jensen Daggett (Rennie; Jason takes Manhattan). She was gorgeous back when she played Rennie, and she’s just as stunning as ever now. She didn’t mention much about her current lifestyle, which none of them did, but she did mention in passing that she had boys.
MMMM.... Jensen Daggett.

I will shush.