Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Storm final poster & news!

I have been plugging this fan film relentlessly, I know, but I loved Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake so much and really am excited for this film. I guess myself being credited as "producer" is also sort of cool in a geeky way, but be sure to check this film out when it is released. It was shot in HD and from the screen caps I posted last week, the movie looks beautiful!

From Timberwolf Productions Myspace:

While we have had a rough version of this poster up before, this is the final full res version of the "Friday The 13th: The Storm" teaser poster from director Joe Patnaud's latest short.
The production, which was shot over the weekend of Friday February 13th is currently in post production and will debut online in May or June.

Meanwhile Tim Whitfield has a few meetings set up for next week to decide the next step on Timberwolf's 10th anniversary. After the wave of DVD and online releases between now and this summer of all our older and current productions, Tim and crew will prepare for the next step.
We are keeping a lid on most of it for now, but get really for new bigger productions, some cool 80s style horror films, and even some online comedy! It is our goal to get back to producing content more often like we did back in New England, and we will even be hooking back up with some of our production partners and talent from back east, as well as bringing in new friends as we have projects produced in California, Arizona, and New England.
Timberwolf turns 10! It's gonna be one hell of a year!