Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tom Savini: Misanthrope or Misunderstood?

Growing up in the 1980's and seeing Tom Savini's name attached to 1/2 of all of the significant horror films in my golden age sort of sets me up to really admire what Savini has done. I remember reading about him in Fangoria and thinking how cool this guy must be. Sadly, this is not the case- my only encounter with Tom was not bad, however no words were exchanged so I can not have an opinion good or bad about the guy. It just seems that the fans are split half and half- one half thinks that he is burnt out to the point where he hates conventions and in turn treats his fans like shit. The other half is completely opposite- they think he is super nice to the fans and is very fan oriented.

Dark Deilicacies "His Name Was Jason" signing video.

I thought this was a really neat watch- it was really nice to see unfamiliar faces to the Friday The 13th signing circuit like Erich Anderson, Gloria Charles and Elizabeth Kaitan. Dark Delicacies are known for their huge DVD signings, but this one takes the cake! Here's a YouTube video of it- note Richard Brooker's misinformation at 1:25 in. LOL.