Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Useless Information Wednesday

Fans of the original Red Dawn (1984) will remember Brad Savage as "Danny". However, not everyone may be aware that Brad Savage is indeed the younger brother of Friday the 13th: Part III's Tracie Savage (Debbie).

Like Tracie, Brad started acting through his agent mother, Judy Savage – who still runs The Savage Agency – and started acting as a youngster, making several television appearances. The Savage Agency was used to procure much of the cast of Friday the 13th: Part III. He landed the role as Danny in the 1984 film Red Dawn and ended up getting a nomination for the Young Artist Award as a supporting role in a feature film.

The Savage Agency, or Judy Savage, represents young talent trying to break it into the business. She has won multiple awards for her work as an agent.

Today, Brad has a son Keaton Savage who is currently an actor. He is represented by The Savage Agency.