Friday, May 15, 2009

Gillette Vs Dash

Carl Fullerton and his creation Jason Voorhees (Warrington Gillette) 
The controversy between Warrington "One Scene" Gillette and Steve "Get My Pictures Off Of Your Fuckin' Table" Dash" by this time is very well known. It has been widely covered in Crystal Lake Memories, His Name Was Jason and online mediums like DeadPit.Com. At this point it is fairly known who is telling the truth and who isn't-- one of the two has more than proven themselves to be a liar and a con artist taking money from fans with a phony movie raffle. I even briefly touched up on it myself by putting up Warington's confession (Guts & Gory) as well as people such as Cliff Cudney calling out his blatant lies.

Return Of The Ghostbusters.

Go here to see this extraordinary fan film-- quite possibly the best fan film ever. This is Braxton Film's take on a new generation of Ghostbusters following the happenings in Freddy Vs. The Ghostbusters and I guarantee if you are a Ghosbusters fan this will blow you away. It has some of the best CG I have ever seen in an indie film, let alone a fan film.