Friday, November 4, 2011

Long lost trailer to the ill-fated fan film: The Woods

I posted some screen shots, BTS videos and some roughly edited footage about 6-8 months ago of this fan film project a handful of friends and I were a part of. When I posted it I searched endlessly for this trailer that we made for it, but never found it. So, while I was cleaning out my external hard drive look at what I found! I added our silly "Shitron Video" logo at the beginning as well as a red band R rating disclaimer, but here it is.

Do They Owe Us or Do We Owe Them

from: Terror Dave's
For the past handful of years I have noticed on some message boards have called out some of the Friday The 13th alumni for distancing themselves from the franchise. You know, I am a huge fan and I wouldn't love anything more than some of the elusive actors in the franchise to come out and enjoy the franchise's fame. However, there are still some of them who to this day want absolutely nothing to do with it at all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jason Does Run

It's funny that I came across this; I made a fan film and in it Jason ran. Everyone's initial response with watching it generally was "Uh, why is Jason running- Jason doesn't run!" Needless to say, that really aggravated the hell out of me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nice Part IV/V masks

I can really dig any screen-accurate 3,4 or 5 mask out there. This dude has been doing up some really nice ones as of late. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people buy Fright Stuff blanks and throw a crappy, fast paint job down on it and sell it for 90 bucks-- but it does come with a C.O.A.! It's really nice to see people actually giving these things meticulous paint jobs and actually spending time on them-- making them worth the price you pay!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Part IV Deluxe Edition extra screen grabs.

I was watching the extras again today and for some reason Axel's death outtakes stuck out to me. It looked like Bruce Mahler and Ted White were having fun with this scene. I took some screen grabs and here they are.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give credit where credit is due...

Johnny Hock as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: Part V
Lately I have been sing something that makes me smile-- that is the fact that John Hock (a.k.a. John Hocks Conrad) has been included in the lineup of a few conventions. Now a lot of people are probably asking "who the fuck is John Hock?" as it sounds like a bad stage name. No, I am not talking about the "net-famous" emo-kid John Hock, nor am I referring to the ex-L.A. Rams offensive lineman John Hock-- I am talking about the elusive Jason Part V John Hock!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Unsung Friday The 13th Hero: Taso Stavrakis

Taso Stavrakis as Mrs. Voorhees
There's a lot of people in the Friday The 13th franchise that has done a lot, yet I never see get any props-- Taso Stavrakis is most definitely one of them. Comparing him to someone like Tom Morga is just-- Morga played Roy in Friday The 13th Part V, yet was not credited and was overshadowed by the face of Roy: Dick Wieand. Taso, who did special make-up effects in Friday The 13th as well as stunts and even played the killer Mrs. Voorhees. Of course, Taso's work as the killer was overshadowed because he was not credited as Mrs. Voorhees and the creit went to Betsy Palmer.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Memorable characters?

Walt Gorney at Crazy Ralph in Friday the 13th
Growing up loving horror I have always noticed that the horror genre was great for so many reasons. I'd like to think it was the blood and gore and perhaps t & a, but generally it was the memorable characters. Movies like Return Of The Living Dead, Mother's Day, Terrorvision, Fright Night, Night Of The Demons, A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2, Friday The 13th Part 5 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre III were movies that I loved because of all of the memorable characters.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Top 5 Final Girls in Friday the 13th

Kimberly Beck (left) as Trish Jarvis
#5 Kimberly Beck (Trish Jarvis, Part IV): I think that Kim was one of the strongest heroines of the franchise, and most definitely the most positive female being a big sister and a mother-like figure. Apparently Kimberly was in her 30's when she portrayed Trish Jarvis and is now in her 50's and still looks good.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remembering the Unknown Jasons

Roy Burns stand-in doing a kill scene
When you say the name Jason many names may come to mind; Kane Hodder, Ted White, Richard Brooker, C.J. Graham or maybe even Steve Dash. This entry is dedicated to all of those people who played Jason- even for a scene- and never gets mentioned.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remembering the unknown Jasons Part 2

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Tom Savini:
Some people really find it odd that Tom Savini donned the Jason attire for (at least) a scene in Friday The 13th: Part IV. Tom Savini is known for performing the intricate kills in the movies that he does special effects for, as seen in behind-the-scene footage for movies like Maniac and The Prowler. Here's Savini in the Jason suit killing the fat hitchiker.