Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Adrienne King & Betsy Palmer talk briefly about Friday The 13th.

From Shock Till You Drop.

Shock: One of the special features on the DVD I enjoyed was the convention panel and seeing the turnout you both had for that...

When people line up and I sign the autographs for them and they want to take the pictures with me, or if they have babies, they have me hold the babies. I find it sweet. It's very dear, the love they express towards Mrs. Voorhees - for all of the naughty things she did, which I think are justified so all the little children wouldn't die at that damn camp. Close it down. Get rid of those people. I've done many things and have done a lot of shows on Broadway, but Friday the 13th is the one I get recognized for. I approached Mrs. Voorhees with the same sincerity I would approach any role and I guess it paid off, didn't it?

The Burning: Once again following Friday The 13th's success?

According to some (perhaps unreliable) sources, The Burning may once again be relying on Friday The 13th's success. It's been revealed that if the remake does well, perhaps The Weinsteins may green light a The Burning remake. I personally would be all for this, and hopefully the remake will be once again shot here in Western, New York.

From RetroSlashers blog.

Within the last year or so, rumblings of a remake of the Weinsteins’ 1981 slasher classic The Burning began to surface, coinciding with both the original film’s release on dvd, and the box office success of the revamped Halloween (also from the Weinsteins). All has been quiet for the time being, but on the eve of the sure-to-be-a-hit Friday The 13th remake, the brothers Weinstein would have to be crazy not to seriously consider resurrecting Cropsy & his shears.
So what would the new model entail? The souls over at the ever…uh, dependable IMDB have this proposed plot outline up:
Thirteen years ago, at Camp Blackfoot in Upstate New York, a group of vengeful kids rebelled against a pedophile camp caretaker named Cropsy, who in their bout of revenge was burned nearly to death and disfigured forever. Now, at Camp Stonewater, one of the boys responsible for Cropsy’s deformations is a supervisor looking over a group of sex-driven camp counselors on a canoe trip up Blackfoot River. Unaware that Cropsy has recently been released from the hospital and is out for blood, the campers become the prime targets in Cropsys sheering reign of revenge.
So….basically just The Burning, with added pedophilia? Some early reports also had Cropsy’s origin retold at an apartment complex where he was the janitor, making the summer camp element rather random.
In a recent issue of Rue Morgue, original director Tony Maylam said that he was considering a new film revolving around the Cropsy campfire legend, but that project appears unrelated to the potential remake.
Will Cropsy return? I think we’ll get our answer when Friday The 13th’s box office tally is added up in a couple of weeks….

HorrorDVDs.com reviews Friday The 13th Blu-Ray.

Probably one of the best and in-depth reviews thus far. Rhett even goes further and compares the BD transfer with the Deluxe DVD transfer, Box Set Transfer and bare-bones DVD transfer- give it a read!

Friday the 13th is a slasher film like no other, so quaint, simple and downright accessible, yet packed to the brim with gruesome gore effects. The other films may have one-upped the gore, but none have captured that innocent campground nostalgia the way this first film has. This new release gives fans what they’ve been asking for with a ton of extras from all over that provide hours of Friday mythology. The new 5.1 surround track really opens the film up, and the Blu-ray visuals are sharper, filled with greater detail and fuller colors. There’s only one problem with this release, but unfortunately it’s big. Eleven percent big. The film has been zoomed in significantly from previous releases, often compromising the compositions. It’s a substantial shortcoming, and something that needs to be addressed by Paramount immediately. Until this issue is fixed, this new release is incomplete and cannot be recommended. Why does Friday the 13th get all the bad luck?
This beautiful close-up had me sold at the get-go- go ahead and give it a clicky-dicky!

Tom Morga interview.

Fans may love this, he speaks more about his stunt-doubling Ramis in Ghostbusters however Morga also played Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 opening scene), Halloween 4 (Many scenes, most of the beginning) and Jason Voorhees/Roy Burns.

Here ya go.

Remakes vs. Sequels.

Why is it that most horror fans would rather see another horrible sequel rather than an acceptable remake? It seems like that a good amount of fans of the Friday The 13th franchise would have rather saw a sequel to the turd-laced opus Freddy vs. Jason than the remake that will be out February 13th. I remember when the remake was in pre-production- well before the writer's strike- the fella who ran the old Friday The 13th Films site started a petition to stop it. It didn't shock me that within a few weeks a good 1/2 of the forum signed it, all vowing to not watch the remake. I remember Blake saying "if it's not broken, why fix it" referring to the Friday The 13th franchise- again a lot of people agreed.