Friday, December 21, 2012

Two for Part II

You thought the Part II poster from Turkey was great; there's a better one from Thailand. This one even has Jeff and Sandra getting busy... I am assuming that's who it is. Maybe it is Mark and Vicky!

News Archive: John Sherrod's Death

Ted White and John Sherrod filming 
A lot of times I have seen John Sherrod's death noted as a stunt accident on set. However, I did find out that it was not true. John Sherrod, stuntman and stunt coordinator in Friday The 13th III, IV and V, was killed in an automobile accident.

Steve Susskind in the Roommates

Steve Susskind in Friday the 13th: Part III
Before Steve Susskind (Friday the 13th: Part III) was the easy-to-love nitwit Harold, he was a pop star in the du-wop trio called the Roommates who had hit records with "Please Love Me Forever" (with Cathy Jean) and "The Glory of Love" in 1961.

Steve Susskind (far left) with The Roommates from