Friday, January 23, 2009

eBay: Part 6 mask for sale from original!

Here it is- after much talk of actually doing it, here it is.I am not sure how expensive this will be bid up to but I imagine it would go as high as $800. It's a chance to own a piece of history, cast straight from C.J. Graham's actual mask.

This is a tooling master cast created directly from C.J. Graham’s original hockey mask used in the opening sequence of “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.”

This Jason Hockey Mask is approximately 9 ½”x 9”x 4” and made of a very thick and durable white urethane casting resin. This casting was made as part of a restoration and preservation process done with C.J. Graham’s original “screen used” title sequenc
e mask. I am the person who was responsible for making and painting the original masks for Reel EFX for the 1986 production of “Jason Lives.”

I'm pretty psyched about this and hopefully a mask maker gets his hands on this so us collectors can have a reasonably priced reproduction in our collections! The mask also comes with a certificate of authenticity and a signature from C.J. Graham.

With all of the Tarallo vs. White debate on the origins of the Part III masks, here's a chance to get one from the real man of the 1986 mask, straight from him.