Friday, August 14, 2009

Big ole twenty-seven.

I don't wanna milk Crash's post on Friday The 13th Part III's twenty-seventh birthday yesterday, but since Part III is my favorite of the entire franchise I felt compelled to at least say something.

The Return Of Fan Film Friday: Jason Vs. Leatherface

Jason vs Leatherface

Okay, I really gotta hand it to the film makers with this one- the editing was pretty good and the movie was all-around put together well. However, right off the bat a handful of things stood out to me like a sore thumb; why is The New Blood Jason carrying Freddy's head? Did Jason go on the Jared diet-- he's presumably lost about 55 pounds and Jason has a really nice house and he shuts the door after entering. Sadly, I was not down with the Jason costume as it looked really cheap and chinsey.

I guess it was cool how he c incorporated film footage of Mrs Voorhees and Leatherface III into the movie, it was sort of clever and a nice change of other fan films who used a faux Mrs Voorhees. I dunno though, I just really dislike these crossover stories. They always play out to be more cheesy/silly than interesting. Once it got to the actual acting, the sound was just horrible. I am sure it was due to MySpace's compression., but it made it that much harder to watch.