Saturday, December 29, 2012

Japanese Jason III Revoltech Playset From Kaiyodo

from: cartoonandhorror
Japan always has the best things and this Friday the 13th: Part III Jason Voorhees is evidence. Now long in print and I am a bit behind on posting this, but it's still a good find for those who do not know about this yet. It's easy to find on Amazon for anywhere from $45 to $60.

Tracie Savage in Little House on the Prairie (1975)

Tracie Savage as Christy Kennedy in Little House on the Prairie
The young Tracie Savage (Friday the 13th: Part III) in the first season of Little House On The Prairie (1975). She played the character Christy Kennedy and this picture is courtesy of There's a handful of them up there.

A Shot of the New Owner of the Jason "Hero" Hockey Mask

Dick Warlock with Dario Latinovic; from
So, by now it's very old news that Dick Warlock sold his beloved hockey mask. And for those Friday the 13th nerds out there-- like me-- who salivated over this mask combo for years, here's a nice shot of Dick passing the reigns over to the new (and obviously proud) owner Dario Latinovic. This is the screen-used hockey mask worn by Jason in Friday the 13th: Part III (at the end), IV and V and used as a template for the masks used in the later films. It's definitely an important one-of-a-kind piece of Friday the 13th memorabilia.