Thursday, January 9, 2014

David Katims Interview

Friday the 13th Sequel? Remake? Reboot? Shitfest? Confirmed!

Wetmovie1 gives us the news. Even he is trilled! Yeah!

So, it is confirmed—us Friday the 13th marks get out way. We have been hoping, and praying for this franchise to continue on. Some of us have even said, "Even if it is shitty, just give us a new one!" Well, our wishes have been granted; ask and ye shall receive.

Everyone knows my opinions on this, but I will reiterate. The "found footage" gimmick is so 1996; Friday the 13th is again putting on a spent condom line they did in the reboot/remake. The tired gimmick that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake used, Friday the 13th slopped up.

This is not new to the franchise, either. Way back in 1987, the franchise even stole an idea from itself when it essentially remade The Final Chapter with the shitfest The New Blood.

a) We do not need another "found footage" movie, PERIOD.
b) We do not need another fucking reboot! We had that with every fucking movie after Part IV!

I thought the franchise officially ran out of ideas with Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X and FvJ! I guess not.

I guess Paramount wants this movie to bomb to finally hammer the nails into the coffin of Jason Voorhees once and for all. The character is already the laughing stock of the horror genre.