Friday, April 10, 2009

Fan Film Friday: The Legend Of The Woods

Okay now, you know me-- I tell you like it is when it comes to fan films. This review won't be any different and rest assured I will spare no tears on this pile of dung. Yeah, yeah, I know-- this movie was made by kids, but House Of The Dead was made by a very experienced director... and some people will understand where I am going with this.

This movie starts off with some chode walking backwards in the woods and what do ya know... he walks into Jason... well what supposed to be Jason. The Jason we have in this opus of crap is wearing a red flannel jacket with what seems to be a Styrofoam plate fashioned into a hockey mask. But, let's not forget the awesome chain chilling on Jason's shoulders-- you know, so we know that this is the same Jason from Friday The 13th Part 7. So, he dies and then we cut to some kid and an ex-gangster from the gheto black kid reminiscing about how the town used to be cool... or something.