Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 48th Henry Rollins!

Happy 48th birthday Henry Rollins, what a nice day to have a birthday! Born 2/13/61 Henry has always been a favorite of mine whether it's his music, his books, spoken word or acting.

Fan film review: Winter At Crystal Lake

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I could sum this one up in one statement- I have never been so fucking annoyed in my life! However, I won't stop there because a lot of aspects of this fan film were good. The flow, edits and scoring was done very well, a lot of well-lit outside shots and some (clothed?) sex scenes. The movie was pretty tight, but the characters, oh boy... they annoyed the FUCK out of me. Not a damn one could act themselves out of a game of charades and they ALL overacted to the point where you wanted to choke slam them. To this day I have no idea why people associate bad, annoying characters to Friday The 13th? The acting in this movie reminded me of Crinoline Head.

Happy Friday The 13th kids!

So, I think a lot of us old school fans will appreciate the new movie. Yeah, it is completely modernized with the typical modern slasher film elements, but it gave Jason a new persona which I say is very reminiscent of how Ted White played Jason with the swiftness of Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes remake. In fact, I think Derek Mears' Jason was very Pluto-esque at times. The story itself, well it was again very typical and in a way bland. It seemed like scenes where we focused on the cast sort of drug on. I really won't spoil this too much, but Mears did an excellent job- much better than Kirzinger or Hodder in my opinion. At times I was thinking "man, Jason does NOT do that!" and had to kick myself in the leg because no body want's to be a "Kane". Seriously, it's not the best Friday movie, not by far, but it will end up right in the middle for me.