Sunday, July 24, 2016

Susan Jennifer Sullivan Is NOT dead!

I just wanted to pass this word on, and hopefully those rumors that she has passed on will fizzle.


  1. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 28, 2016 at 12:31 PM

    Oddly enough I JUST saw this posted last week on her Internet Movie Database page in the message board section and re-listened to the Crystal Lake Memories commentary track on the Part VII chapter with it on. In a mild defense of them I think as many noted it was bad timing: She was fighting Leukemia at that time and I believe the prognosis was quite bad.

    But yeah they DO need to rectify that now and while I FULLY respect her wishes for privacy as I do myself as well as a natural Loner, I hope that someone contacts her directly and not just her daughter Mila to let her know that many of us are OH SO GLAD & relieved to know that she is alive & well as of this writing. And that if she ever wishes to do the whole convention circuit thing that she can pocket some proverbial fat cash. But this is a joyous day. Susan Jennifer Sullivan is one of the few things I generally like about the shit-sandwich that is the overrated Part VII. She's the original canon of the franchises' best "mean-spirited bitchy" character. Just sucks now that Corey Feldman narrated about her being "the late Susan Jennifer Sullivan whom passed away" on screen during that chapter of the blu ray documentary. Mad respect for that German gentleman's researched skills! :) Great news, once again.

    1. German? Who? Feldman??? He is a freaking JEW!!! Get it right!!

    2. Whoa, calm down. Just came back here after some weeks. Yes I own the audio book, ("Coreyography") so I know of his Jewish religion (people forget its less of a race and more of a Monotheist religion). And I got it right. I didn't mention Cory Feldman. I WAS referring to German big time Friday the 13th franchise fan Mario Kirner, that has posted on & off for years via the official Friday franchise site.

      No offense or disrespect but try to calm down & to read better next time as I never mentioning Cory Feldman being of German descent. Not even sure how you read into that ...

  2. HI guys. My contact with her mother ended. She wanted to foward my request (message from Susan Jennifer to her fans etc.) to her (SJS´s) brother. I got no further answer yet and I will not write her again. I think I already bothered her too much. I also got in contact with the makers of Crystal Lake Memories. They basically admitted that the obituary they posted was not accurate. But they said that they had several contacts with the family during the making of the documentary. They were told that "she passed several years ago" (and that she could not participate in Peter Bracke´s book because of her leukemia). I gave CLM all the info I had and I guess they are trying to get in contact / verify that. It seems to me that SJS wants to stay hidden and not reveal herself. That is a pity, but something we must respect (Atlhough I would prefer an reaction like " I am alive but I do not want to have anything to do with the franchise"). On the other hand hit was her daughter who started giving the hints on the internet (but it is not clear if it was in SJS´s interest).

  3. A big thanks Germanic! Yeah I remember you from the old school official site Friday the 13th where I posted under my real name of Brandon Middleton or Tommy_Jarvis and others ect. And I remember you.

    Indeed, we won't bother her but I hope that she knows that she has plenty of fans & is one of the few saving graces of the overrated (in my eyes anyway) Part VII and that many of us also enjoyed her quirky/eccentric (though under-written) two guest spots on Charles in Charge as two different yet oddly similar characters. If she gets back to us I wonder what all she shall say. Hopefully she won't be like Rachel Howard from Friday Part 3-D (1982) that wants to distance herself from her respective franchise instalment. Alas we shall see. And we're all OH SO GLAD you did this as well, too.

  4. HisNameWasBrandon

    Just saw the first "official teaser" for the Friday the 13th Part 3-D new documentary. Looks AWESOME. A link since I know that Jack is a HUGE Part 3 mark like me:

  5. Not major news or anything, but I just checked out my favorite installment of Part 3-D's IMDB page. If ya click on the "photos" and click the, right to left, they show up fullscreen of course.

    Nothing major but some of the more "rare" shots are now in MUCH better/clear quality and of nice angles and are well worth saving. Enjoy:

  6. Hey guys this is Brandon again, just curious: does anyone have Jack's current e-mail address? I have some rare The Final Chapter pics & Catherine Park pics & video and wanted to share it with him. Doubt he's seen it yet but I lost his e-mail years ago. Just noting. PEACE!

    ~ B

  7. Thanks Jack. Just noting if ya want the rare pics & the Catherine Parks rare video links, just reply to me here. Think it would make for a cool upcoming "update" post. Though to share the pics I need an e-mail address.

    Also recently on the SausageFactory video commentary to Part 3-D, your blog post here got a name video shout out along side special guests Peter Bracke & documentary film maker Sean Richards that is making the part 3-D documentary. Its around the one hour, fifty minute mark. I can post it if ya want. PEACE.

  8. Don't know why I am posting this. I feel super silly but just last night, brand new on Blu Ray, a company is re-releasing some retro '80s slashers on blu ray disc and just last night a NEW version of Slaughterhouse (1987) went on sale I noticed.

    Looks like all of us big time Slaughterhouse marks can FINALLY see the film in Widescreen & in high-definition. I'm only buying around 20 more movies on blu ray this year & am officially retiring after this as I already own over 800-plus, so I'm definitely buying this. The fresh in HD interview with Sherry Bendorff alone makes it worth a grab. he's a stuntwoman now.

    Here is the cover & artwork and pricing & such. I'm definitely picking it up next month: