Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wayne, You're an Asshole...

from: Devour; Sony Entertainment

Martin Cummins (no relation to Juliette; Part VIII), Jason Takes Manhattan's resident AV nerd, has since become a cult heartthrob to teens and women alike starring in TV shows like Dark Angle, Kyle XY, V and Eureka.  Long gone is his bob haircut (that makes him look oddly familiar to Ruben Farr, Crispin Glover's alter ego). I guess he has a pretty legit fan club, too!

Fame... I'm Gonna Live Forever!

Dana Kimmell in Fame from: HudsonLee
Larry Zerner in Fame from: HudsonLee 
As fans we all love to see these crossovers of Friday the 13th franchise actors; like Carey More, Stu Charno and Dominick Brascia in Once Bitten and Amy Steel and Peter Barton in The Powers of Matthew Star. Here's a great duo from the 1983 season of Fame. They were not in the same episode, but since Larry Zerner didn't do many things it's a rare shot of his work on TV.