Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top 10 movies on VHS that I would love to see on DVD?

Some of the most often questions I generally get from my YouTube channel is "recommend me a movie not on DVD" or "what movie not on DVD do you wish was?" Ideally, if a movie is not given proper DVD treatment (i.e. 16x9 anamorphic transfer, Dolby 5.1, commentary, uncut if available, etc) then I really am content with it just being on VHS. The only downside of the VHS format is that it deteriorates over time and in 25 years all you are left with is a fuzzy rolling picture. Now with the technology we have to back up those old VHS tapes to DVDr again leaves me with that same notion... if you are not going to give these films proper DVD treatment then fuck off! My pet peeve is shelling out $11.99 for a DVD and to realize that it's nothing more than a VHS rip on a DVD-- fuck, I can do that myself for fifty cents!

So, lately I have been doing a series of videos on YouTube of VHS tapes that I have that I'd like to see have a proper DVD treatment. So far I have chosen 50- 5 per video- but I will narrow my choices down to 10 HORROR and give you guys a brief description why.

Bohr's Part 3 "Winston" Jason bust.

I really dislike re-posting things like this from other blogs, however generally when I am do I am vague and link to the blog that I got the information from. At any rate, I really love this look that was indeed used in the film-- the entire film except for the ending, we just never saw the face. It's the concept that special effects guru Stan Winston made up as the face of Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th Part III. At the end of the movie, when the ending on the DVD was shot they opted for something less monstrous.

Throughout the movie Richard Brooker wears this mask, and you can even see a small glimpse of it when he is watching the cabin from the barn door, when he jumps down to kill Ali and in Chris' flashback.

Jeremy Bohr
did a phenomenal job on this (but I still love Crash's version more) and is a steal at the price he is selling it for. Checkout Horror Bid for more photos, price and ordering information!