Thursday, December 20, 2012

Roy Figure


Stumbled across this great Roy figure on I really love all the love for A New Beginning! He explains why he made ole Roy:

Sideshow Collectible did a incredible run of horror figures, including almost every Friday The 13th Jason and his mother. But for some reason they didn't complete the line excluding Jason from Part 8 and "Roy" from Part 5. Well I decided to make my own Part 5 Roy "Jason" figure.

Walt Gorney Lives

He left this earth at age 91 in 2004, but he still lives in our hearts as Ole Crazy Ralph (Friday the 13th & Friday the 13th: Part II). Here are some photos from his work in other films; King Kong (1975) and Trading Places (1983).

7" NECA Jason IV Figure

A nice shot of the new 7" NECA Series 2 battle-damaged Jason IV figure set for an early 2013 release.

Surf II starring Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey Rogers (left) in Surf II
A great find: Jeffrey Rogers (Friday the 13th: Part III) in the surfer comedy horror Surf II: The End of the Trilogy. Funny thing is that it's not a sequel to any other movie. The synopsis sounds delightful with a great soundtrack, though it's pretty dang hard to find. It reminds me of a bad Troma movie.

Kirsten Baker speaks!

The once elusive Kirsten Baker (Friday the 13th: Part II) at one of her convention appearances. I will definitely admit that she is still pretty good looking.

The Journey of the Part III Mask

The first glimpses of Jason's hockey mask
Friday The 13th parts II - V may not be perfect continuity-wise, but I think they have the best continuity flow movie-to-movie of the entire franchise. Parts II - IV tell a story over an extended weekend of the rampage of the serial killer Jason Voorhees from start until he is finally killed at the end of Part IV. I still say that the franchise would have ad a lot more credibility if it ended with The Final Chapter or even A New Beginning. Regardless of the (near) fatal blows Jason took through parts II - IV (i.e. a machete severing his sub-clavian artery in II, a hanging in III, etc) -which all can be contributed to logic errors- these entries can be realistically easily be set in reality about a real-live killer. If Jason was once and for all defeated at the end of Part IV, I think critics would have given the franchise a bit more credit than they do now.

Who is Warrington Gillette?

Warrington Gillete
Of course most of us Friday The 13th fans know him as an actor who played Jason in the infamous window crash scene in Friday The 13th Part II. Unfortunately for people none the wiser may call him Jason II, and rightfully so- he was indeed credited as Jason Voorhees, right? It's a very common misconception since day one and for the people who frequented the Guts & Gory forum a handful of years back sort of know where I am going with this. Around 2003, at the height of the Friday The 13th website craze a lot of actors from the franchise came out to do interviews, attend conventions and meet fans. Around 2003/2004 Warrington Gillette was asked to do some conventions and he kindly obliged. He attended a lot of conventions and even had his own forum at Guts & Gory as well as his own website