Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great "Fatally Yours" interview with Adrienne King.

I rather liked this interview- it's nice to see Adrienne going more of these. It seems like a few years back any quality interview with her was few and far between. Go read the rest of this baby.

D: Then it probably was the His Name Was Jason where you’re holding some of them up. I like “dark art” to begin with. I really liked the “Stalking on 82nd St.”.
AK: 82nd St. was when it all happened, I was living there and yeah, my “dark art” was truly my psycho-therapy of sort if that’s a way to…It was back in the 80’s when people were not, uh, dealing with stalkers as being a reality. Which we all know now, they are truly a reality and horrible creatures to have in your life, especially if the authorities are not paying attention. You know, back then, people just didn’t think it was a big deal and so that’s how I dealt with it and thank God I had a canvas to work on. So I wasn’t taking it out on my walls.

Fan film review: Leatherface vs. Jason

Part 2 Part 3

I personally felt like this was one of the more creative versus fan films that I have seen. Pretty much right behind Notarile's Friday The 31st, Leatherface vs. Jason picks up right after Friday The 13th (1980) after a deranged Sawyer family member (Warden Sawyer) finds Jason in the woods of Crystal Lake- he brings him home gives him his infamous sack mask and pick axe and introduces him to Leatherface and history is made. Once Jason meets Leatherface, Leatherface gets a little jealous and annoyed and attacks Jason. There's a lot more to the film that I don't want to give away, it jumps from 1979 to modern day after about 10-15 minutes with modern versions of Jason.

Ain't It Cool News' Quint reviews Friday The 13th!

Ain't It Cool News is one of those good sites that goes unnoticed by some genre fans, well here ya go, another reminder of who they are!

FRIDAY THE 13TH, on the other hand, I have no trouble seeing “re-imagined.” I guess since the driving force behind that series has always been fun kills, jump scares and ample nudity that I can see a new, modernized Jason movie work just as well as in the good old ‘80s, especially since it defined the genre for so long that it’s almost it’s own sub-genre of slasher film. There’s regular slashers like MY BLOODY VALENTINE and SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE and then there’s Jason movies.

Here's the rest, go read it fuckers.