Monday, May 9, 2011

Unsung Friday The 13th Hero: Taso Stavrakis

Taso Stavrakis as Mrs. Voorhees
There's a lot of people in the Friday The 13th franchise that has done a lot, yet I never see get any props-- Taso Stavrakis is most definitely one of them. Comparing him to someone like Tom Morga is just-- Morga played Roy in Friday The 13th Part V, yet was not credited and was overshadowed by the face of Roy: Dick Wieand. Taso, who did special make-up effects in Friday The 13th as well as stunts and even played the killer Mrs. Voorhees. Of course, Taso's work as the killer was overshadowed because he was not credited as Mrs. Voorhees and the creit went to Betsy Palmer.