Wednesday, March 22, 2017

32 Years of Terror(ble) Ratings

Needless to say, Friday the 13th: Part V - A New Beginning is probably one of my three favorite Friday the 13th films. And realistically, as a saga Parts 1-5 can't be topped by any other slasher franchise that spanned more than a few sequels.

Even with the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the movies shit the bed by Part IV. Then we have the franchises like Children of the Corn, Hellraiser, Leprechaun, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc, that became pure garbage after 2 or 3 sequels.

But surely, most slasher fans call A New Beginning a pile of shit. It seems that in the past 5-8 years, a lot of those haters have warmed up to this great little film. In my opinion, A New Beginning is what we all looked for in slasher films:

- Nudity 
- Jump scares
- Comedy
- Memorable characters
- A nice desolate location
- Perverted expendable characters
- Expendable 'slutty' characters
- A relentless killer
- The token black guy
- The token Red Herrings
- Dumb cops

It's all here. And today is the 32nd anniversary of this film.  I love this film so much that even though I don't post much on this blog (right now/anymore), I wanted to write a but about this film.

With the passing of director Danny Steinmann (who did get to see a lot of fans warm up to this film), I thought the hype of the film was going to fade after its second wind. However, it seems to be getting more and more fans on its side. 

Living in L.A. for a spell, I got to check out the filming locations and got to run down the same trail as Eddie and Tina. Hot to ball my fists where the 'trailer park' sign was located (it's now called Heavenly Pond!) and check out the gas station. And it was all a riot. It was pretty fun to find these filming locations that were once unknown, and lead many other "filming location" blogs to these spots!

Happy 'New Beginnings'! Now check out my A New Beginning related posts.

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