Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday The 13th dethrones Saw to once again become the most successful horror franchise!

1. Friday the 13th-$372.6 million (11 movies)
2. Saw-$342.5 million (5 movies)
3. A Nightmare on Elm Street-$307.4 million (8 movies)
4. Scream-$293.6 million (3 movies)
5. Halloween-$275.1 million (9 movies)

Right now, Saw is on target to once again grab the title from the Friday with Saw 6 coming out this October. ANOES also has a golden opportunity to pass the Friday
series up for the first time if the remake was to make $80 million or more, but it will not pass saw. 'Scream' is out of the picture, even if a part 4 does come will need more sequels to get the title. 'Halloween' is a very very far shot. I don't think it will ever gain that title. With 'Friday' resurgent again, probably as popular as it was in it's heydays, it can very well fight off Saw when more sequels are made. It's very obvious that Friday holds this title right now because it has the most sequels, but also take into consideration that if Fridays dollars was adjusted for inflation, 'Saw' would still be far far beyond. The original 'Friday' which grossed $40 million, would equal to over $100 million in today's dollars, something not even 'Saw' was able to accomplish.