Friday, March 27, 2009

Fan Film Friday: Jason In Da Burbz

Okay, so I won't write a quasi-review for this since I helped make it. I will sort of throw some insight regarding the making of the film. My friend Nick Lawrence is moving to the South and he wanted to film one more short before he left. So, we basically decided to do a sill (and stupid) little Friday The 13th fan film. The movie was improvised, in fact we had no clue what it was going to be about until we was almost finished filming it. I have about 10 minutes 

of footage that I cut out of the film because the movie just dragged on and on. So, we were going to film my death in the movie the next day and we completely forgot about it. So, instead of keeping me alive I just spliced in a few seconds of my dying in another Friday The 13th fan film called "The Woods" that I was in in 2004/2005. I was about 50 pounds heavier, but really, a few people told me that they did not notice until I let them know so I am sort of content with it.