Friday, November 13, 2009

Brazillian Soccer Team Adopts Jason Voorhees As A Mascot!

I saw this on Ari Lehman's Facebook page and thought it was just wicked.

Translated from Portuguese, so it's a bit full of English grammar errors.

The São Paulo does not play in this friday nor commemorates its anniversary, but the date can very be considered the symbol of the team in this Brazilian well. It is friday 13! Date where Jason Voorhees was born, personage of the cinema that never dies. As well as the Tricolor, that already it flirted with the degradation zone and, now, it depends on itself to conquer the national heptacampeonato. It depends on itself and it counts on a twisted one strengthened. Beyond the thousands of be-Paolinos, the proper Jason and its creator dress white, red and black color in the final straight line of the match. THE LANCENET! Victor Miller counted, scriptwriter of “Friday 13” original, of 1980, and Ari Lehman, actor whom, to the 14 years, the first Jason of the History of the cinema interpreted, on the restored fever enters the twisted one of the São Paulo, that the feared personage.