Thursday, March 12, 2009

From the Friday The 13th Blog: Jeff Wilson interview.

I thought this was interesting, I am very excited for this film being a pretty big fan of this book by Eric Morse and all. I was pretty excited to see this interview. Read the rest here.

Will the film be graphic in terms of violence and nudity and will this satisfy the gore fans? “I am hoping to have it graphic in terms of violence but not too graphic and I don’t want it to be too graphic in terms of nudity because original Friday movies weren’t very graphic nudity wise.”
When do you plan to start filming and how long are you expecting the shoot to last?
“I am hoping to start filming in mid to late 2010 and I am hoping to have it released or in the post production stages by early 2012.”

Why do you think the Friday the 13th franchise has remained so popular for so long and which of the previous films do you think has influenced your style and Jason's Curse the most?
“That’s a really tough one but it’s a true classic horror movie and just like the Halloween movies there is always another part of the story to tell, and the story is never complete with another surprise in every movie.”