Monday, June 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Shelly (Friday the 13th: Part III)

Again, thanks to Brandon Middleton, I am posting this great photo of Larry Zerner in a photo that looks to be either a SFX test, or after his shot. It's definitely a shot that I have never seen before. 

A kind poster let me on to this photo and where it originated:
Actually, this is/was a filmed on-screen death for Shelly that was deleted as a request from the MPAA. If you notice in the pic, Shelly is on the porch, by the Kitchen entrance as he was on-screen in his final appearence when he bursts through the back door to seek help. That hand you are referring to is Jason's bloody hand coming back from around Shelly's chest. Up in the right hand corner is a bird's-eye-view of the TOP of Jason's hockey mask...See the nose? This is after he drags Shelly's body to the back door, from the barn to leave him for dead, then Jason, swiftly runs back to the barn. That is what the noises were that Chili hears before she opens the door to discover Shelly's next "prank". I know this because I have a finished "daily" copy for Friday Part 3 before they shipped it to the MPAA. 


  1. HisNameWasBrandonJune 17, 2013 at 2:24 PM

    Again, you're more then welcomed my good man. :)

    And yeah last week I saw the pic while researching franchise interviews & I thought of you. The interview that it was attached with was fairly cool too. I can post that if 'ya want? In it he explained his "Fame" episode around that time as well as how he lost over 50lbs as well too.

    And yes look at the pic zoomed in, more closely: There appears to be a prop hand with stage blood behind him. It was either A: An onset pose for a magazine or article or B: Just shot for a special effects make-up FX test for like Kenny Myers or Douglas J. White's own old school personal portfolio collection perhaps, or C: Just onset goofing around.

    It appears to be perhaps even rare b-roll footage as well form its angle placement. Regardless, I thought it was a cool shot. And a big thanks for crediting me too. That was nice of you. Much respect. :)

    1. Look under this for an explanation of it. You will be happy you did.

  2. Actually, this is/was a filmed on-screen death for Shelly that was deleted as a request from the MPAA. If you notice in the pic, Shelly is on the porch, by the Kitchen entrance as he was on-screen in his final appearence when he bursts through the back door to seek help. That hand you are referring to is Jason's bloody hand coming back from around Shelly's chest. Up in the right hand corner is a bird's-eye-view of the TOP of Jason's hockey mask...See the nose? This is after he drags Shelly's body to the back door, from the barn to leave him for dead, then Jason, swiftly runs back to the barn. That is what the noises were that Chili hears before she opens the door to discover Shelly's next "prank". I know this because I have a finished "daily" copy for Friday Part 3 before they shipped it to the MPAA. I had received this as a gift from one of the editors at Paramount. It has about 78 seconds of gore and cuts removed. Part 2 has around 160 seconds of gore and cuts removed, FYI.

    1. Thanks for that blast of information.
      If you indeed have that "daily" version, why haven't you offered it up to be released when Ferrands was looking for any bit of "alternate" footage? It would have been awesome to see. Would you ever be up to sending me some screen shots of that 78 seconds... :)

    2. Well, I have been trying to convert it to, at least, DVD. Once I can do that that than I can put some great stills on here.

    3. Thank you. I will look forward. If you need any help, I have a VHS to DVD converter box and program. Then it can be uploaded to Final cut, enhanced a bit and rendered in HD.

    4. do all the fans a favour and get that out there man!!!!

    5. Awesome would i be able to copies also of 2 & 3 with the cut footage, iv'e been saying this for years there was tons of cut footage! Paramount is holding out on us, like Torey said get it out there! Long over do!

  3. thanks for posting!!

  4. Well, the problem, is that it is on a 35mm film real...I'll get it done, though.

  5. HisNameWasBrandonJune 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

    Hey there Jack and also to Anonymous as well:

    Whoa, dude man that is TOO COOL! I just read the update plus all of these new posts, and I am one VERY overly happy Friday the 13th Part 3-D fanatic/collector! :)

    I would also VERY much so like you to contact Dr. Daniel Ferrands. As you know, the entire twelve film set is currently being pressed to Bu Ray boxset soon but if we here we can have the deleted gore/make-up FX sequences on it or maybe on a bonus disc or offered up as a "Director's Cut, Uncut Version" on the same blu ray high-definition disc!

    PLEASE try to get into contact with Paramount as of late to the gentleman that has possession of this Uncut Part 3D as well as Part 2 35mm film roles. I LOVE those Steve Miner-directed sequels the most, followed by The Final Chapter next - these films are among my favorite retro slasher films of a time - and I would love to finally be able to see them unearthed & not to sound to pretentious, but to think that my original Larry Zerner interview pic there that I found two weeks ago had a little something to do with it makes me a happy lad. :)

  6. Funny you should suggest such a thing. I have contacted Paramount already. They are VERY interested to see what I have. They are actually flying me out to California to show them what I have. The pressing of the Blu-Ray set is in August. So, time is of essence, they said. This is an E-Mail quote from Home Video Editor Charles S. Rayman from Paramount..."I would love to see your prints of Friday 2 & 3, with your permission I would like to "borrow" these prints for a possible edit, clean-up and conversion to HD to be included as bonus material for the "new" upcoming Friday box set. The dailies that you have, and we have no clue how you have them in your possession, are the ONLY unedited versions of Friday 2 & 3 that we know of. Truthfully, There is nothing of this kind in our possession nor in our off campus warehouse. I/we are very excited to know that this can be a possibility (thanks to you, if they are authentic), to be included in the upcoming box set for the fans. We would compensate you for your time and include a possible notation of some kind, for you, inside the release. Please, respond ASAP due the time sensitive nature of the situation. We don't have much time. My direct line is XXX-XXX-XXXX, ext. XXX. Thank you, Mr. XXXXXXX, I look foward to seeing you and your items." UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!! I thought I'd never get an answer...I could be the savior...I'll keep EVERYONE posted.

  7. HisNameWasBrandonJune 30, 2013 at 5:08 AM

    So nice to just re-read all of this on this fine Sunday morning here, Anonymous!

    That is indeed very cool and yes, I would VERY much like to see this material unedited, all of it, into a "uncut, rare uncensored scenes & extended deaths" section of the upcoming twelve films blu ray set. It shall be THE FINAL set of Friday films that I shall cave into (re)buying all of them proudly, as I want them all with new bells & whistles 'n also to finally have all twelve films together with new sound mixes & in cleaned up high definition versions.

    I trust that you are indeed telling the truth & hopefully this film footage is NOT scanned and can survive the plane ride out to the old Republic of California. :) God bless your old friend from L.A. as an editor that sent you the Part 2 & 3D uncut film prints too. I LOVE both of those installments of the franchise for several notable reasons, and seeing them uncut - as we have finally pretty much seen the dailies of The Final Chapter now, too - shall make my older retro horror collecting life complete now.

    BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! Sounds awesoe again man! :)

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  9. Hey,

    Please let this be true. Fans have been waiting years for the uncut footage for both of these films. It sounds legit since you provided an e-mail message but I've been tricked before. This almost to good to be true but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

  10. HisNameWasBrandonJune 30, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    By the way may I ask this anonymous gentleman if his ending has the supposedly barely in existence 'Jason appears-to-be-breaking-the-film-reel-in-the-projectionist-booth' ending that some northern theaters & drive-ins (supposedly) got, or is it merely the theatrical cut ending for Part 3D (1982)?

    A big thanks ahead of time! Also when will you be leaving for L.A. soon???

  11. I am leaving Thursday for L.A. The 35mm print of Friday 3 has the ending that we've all seen. But, It also has the original filmed ending for when Jason busts through the door without the hockey mask and cuts Chris' head off with a machete, on a seperate section of film. I was also just informed by phone today that it could be a possibility that the Blu-Ray box set could be delayed four to six weeks, pending a workable transfer of my items to HD Blu-Ray. I am just as stunned as you guys...I can't believe me being a HUGE Friday fan, that I would have the opportunity to do something like this...I'm breathless...I am currently trying to contact Peter Bracke, the author of Crystal Lake Memories to see if he would like to join me in L.A. to see this treat. His work is much appreciated for what he did in his book, I could only do him the favor, that's the least I can do.

    1. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 1, 2013 at 4:20 PM

      When you wrote: " But, It also has the original filmed ending for when Jason busts through the door without the hockey mask and cuts Chris' head off with a machete, on a separate section of film' I was a like" YES, YES YES!!!".

      Dude man BEST OF LUCK! Also please inform the airport ahead of time that you have to be careful with 35mm film canisters. Film is ruined before it gets to labs, sadly, A LOT through out history because of improper handling as well as general employee ignorance as well s from scanning too. Hopefully the studio & airport shall straighten this all out. ;-)

      Anyway sounds great!! I also wouldn't mind the proposed delay in releasing the boxset. Sure, it wouldn't fall on a consumerist date of Friday the 13th of this year, however, if it means: Overall nicer transfers, more improved audio options as well as another bonus disc or so.

      And I am beyond joyed to learn about an uncut Part 2 just as much as an uncut Part 3D. :) My good buddy Jack here can tell you that I LOVE the Steve Miner-helmed sequels, flaws & all, as well as many elements of The Final Chapter.

      Now that there is an uncut Part 1 (1980) and supposedly we'll get better versions of 2 & 3D and The Final Chapter raw daily outtakes, my favorites of the franchise overall, I can finally pass away a happy lad in the coming years of the future decades, as I assume for years like many that elements from the very first/original of the franchise was discorded like Parts V & VII (save for that one crummy editors work-print quarter inch tape) a LONG time ago.

      I a very happy.

      May I ask of you kind sir: Is there footage of Mrs. Voorhees severed head (in reality an actress in the alter set) "winking towards the camera" in order to show that the head counselor, Paul Holt (John Fury) was meant as part of the body count? I always thought that while breaking the fourth wall (an element I despised in Part VI) was kind of silly, I always wished that it was left in--it lets us, the audience, know afterwards that Paul was indeed apart of the body count after he knock out heroine Giny unconscious.

      Anyway BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!! Also Paramount should be able to give Mr. Bracke contact number rather it is to view the footage or to do a commentary track.

      Also I feel that Paramount should compensate you somehow--this is VERY nice of you, so very generous! Bless you. :)

  12. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 1, 2013 at 4:33 AM

    I agree with Steve Mason: We have been duped before such as that guy from Quebec years ago on the old Franchise site that claimed to have the long-lost "Mrs. Voorhees winks" ending that was largely exercised, but he reportedly over fie years ago or so faked out on the webmaster so he was probably bullshitting.

    However like Steve, I respect this new dude & I am hoping & praying that this is legit & he seems like a respectable guy.

    Though he needs to head out to L.A. VERY much so soon! The new up & coming North American blu ray high-def boxset of all twelve films from both Paramount & Warner Bros. is about to be pressed in less then two months, now. And then need time to cean up the footage & to make room for it 'n all. Hopefully this is all happening now, bless'em! :D

  13. the more this person keeps replying it sounds more legit. I even sent a scoop to about this. I'll simply keep my fingers crossed. Good luck and have a safe trip to LA. Also, make sure not to let the film get damaged when getting scanned by airport security.

  14. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 1, 2013 at 7:42 PM

    I fully agree with ya there, Steve.

    I am also praying that this is fully legit. I also replied to him up top. He can get special treatment at the airport & as we as from the airlines & Paramount Studios Hollywood if it is indeed the uncut Part 2 & 3 high quality 35mm film footage, as it doesn't have to be scanned; it can destroy the prints nearly 99.9$ of the time so I replied to him up there. You can read it for the last time he wrote now.

    I am also VERY excited for this rare changing of the franchise slightly opportunity to view this footage very much so soon, but I also want it done properly. I don't want the film canisters damaged, either, just like you, I got the best interests in heart. I'm also crossing my fingers too. :)

  15. Yeah, Rob Zombie said on the H2 commentary that they lost a lot of footage because the airport scanned the film and it was totally lost. And they had to go back and re-shoot a lot of scenes because of that.

    Anyway, the reason I think it's true is because he's trying to contact Peter Bracke to join him for this. I'm also surprised a lot of other fans haven't really gotten wind of this and are not trying to spread the word. Maybe they are doubtful? Who knows?

    I hope an official announcement is made soon and I'm all for delaying the bluray box set for this. A couple more months is worth the wait. Again have a safe trip.

  16. I also think that this could get the fans feeling better about the bluray boxset again. As I'm sure you know the boxset will not contain the unrated versions of part 1 and JGTH. I don't really mind since I like both movies but the theatrical release for JGTH is so edited down it takes a lot of the fun out of the movie. So maybe finding this new uncut footage from parts 2 @ 3 will make up for that. Of course that's if this ends up being true.

  17. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 2, 2013 at 11:35 AM

    Hey again Steve,

    Yeah in his commentary he noted of how the airport scanned the footage, an with how it destroyed it before it got back to the lap, so that one actor had to fly back from London and with all how it rushed everyone's spirits losing another day of shooting, ect--great point, his commentary track. I also e-mailed that to our buddy Jack and I also made mention of it here up top since I learned about it years ago from an ex-projectionist friend that I had in Jackson, Tn where I lived for many years.

    Like you I am willing to give this anonymous gentleman the benefit of the doubt & some extra respect, since he pretty much described the photo that I sent in perfectly & he seems very legit. And plus a big time fellow fanatic & collector of the franchise such as me & you like he is wouldn't probably go through the trouble of making up a phony copy & paste response now, would he? That would be beyond pathetic. So yeah I am holding out extra hope. :)

    I also e-mailed Jack the other day as I'm a regular buyer of monthly bulk orders & I noticed the already negative reviews/bitching on there & I love this franchise but many of us need to lighten up over items that aren't already out yet, I fully agree.

    And yeah I'm also surprised that the web of Friday franchise talking hasn't blown up fully yet. Maybe they're doubtful & haven't heard much about it all yet? Maybe with no disrespect to Jack it is the lite traffic here or much less word-of-mouth? Whom all knows. *shrugs* An maybe yeah its cause we've been duped before.

    And yeah I fully agree about the Bracke comment and yes, some extra four or five weeks delay is fine b me if it makes the Blu Ray boxset all the better. I am an open-minded lad now and I have patience if it makes it al the better.

    Anyway I am mildly saddened but I find it no big loss since I already have the uncut Part 1 (1980) on the single release blu ray and if I ever want another copy its only lie $3 bucks now on Amazon. *shrugs* But I agree, its bullshit that it isn't included in the boxset; they're is little to no excuse for it. Jason Goes to Hell I ultimately NEVER warmed up to, as I've always hated it to be quite honest NEVER liked its casio score or acting or storyline or its editing or Kane's ape of a gorilla Json performance, ect.

    yeah it sucks about the lose of its KNB EFX Group gore f/x (about one of its few graces for my money), but yah the uncut Parts 2 & 3D (vastly superior films anyhow) plus the new standard def DVD of goodies included s well as the Crystal Lake Memories movie this year (as in the standalone documentary) shall more then make up for that anyhow. :)

    I DO agree though that not having those two uncut is super silly seeing as this is a joint Warner Bros/Paramount distribution & there is little to no excuse for not having either on there.

  18. My gut tells me he's for real. I don't know why but that's how I feel. It's just strange how this popped out of nowhere though. I just came across this blog through the Friday the 13thfilms site. Someone had mentioned what ANONYMOUS had said in a talk back and that got me curious. This is also a nice little blog btw. I've bookmarked it as one of my favorite sites. :)

    Yeah, to make that comment about Pete would be like throwing him under the bus. That wouldn't be cool and I don't get the vibe off from this guy. Maybe him finding this "uncut" footage is a blessing in disguise since neither part 1 nor JGTH will only be released in their rated forms for bluray boxset. I also have the first film on bluray in the uncut form but I am saddened about JGTH. I'm a pretty big fan of that film and I will always have a special place in my heart for it since it was the first Friday film I saw in theaters. That was a night to remember. The audience was so into the movie. If the crowd hated it I couldn't tell. I know I'm in the minority but JGTH was a breath of fresh air after a tiresome JTM. At the time the formula was getting very stale for me and seeing JGTH was different enough (even though it ripped off the Hidden)to let me have a good time with it. It's not my favorite but its in my top five.

    But I agree so many fans are so anal about everything when it comes to this franchise. One minute they want a bluray set and the next they start complaining about it. Hypocrites if you ask me. I mean after all that's being released this year I think this will be the final word on the subject for everyone involved. What more is there to say? Unless they keep making more movies.

    1. My gut tells me that if Paramount was really interested and flying him there is no way they would allow the prints to go through the airport- that they would arrange to have them shipped express, insured, the whole deal.

  19. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 3, 2013 at 2:01 AM

    To Steve & Jack up above:

    I agree with you Steve: I really just like the first five or so Paramount years. I started hanging out online via YouTube & here on Scabboy's older site of Jack's here because he is a cool guy & I like his unofficial super cool cult status as sort of an unofficial Parts 1-through-V blog site. Plus I often times agree with Jack and he seems like a cool, retro down-to-Earth dude/guy. :)

    And yeah part of my severe Has Asperger's Syndrome (I don't know if ya know what it is but you can Wikipedia it real quick as well) is a narrow/intense interest in the early Paramount years of this franchise. I agree: I LOVE this franchise but like I was telling Jack via e-mail link the other day I feel there is WAY too much fan boy/fan girl online bitching of this series. I mean with the upcoming Blu Ray North American boxset & The Crystal Lake Memories blu ray & DVD combo, I don't know what much all else is left to be produced & to be said as well.

    I FULLY agree there.

    And yeah he seems legit. Although like I said to you & to Jack I REALLY wonder if this is true overall BUT I am willing to give him the extra benefit of the doubt. He seems legit & he described the photo that I found perfectly. I just hope this footage isn't harmed and that it is true. I kept hearing that all of the early Paramount years of the first five were scrapped years ago.

    But we shall all see, with out fingers crossed. And perhaps they are shipping them; we all shall see. **crosses fingers**

  20. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 3, 2013 at 2:06 AM

    By the way to Mr. Anonymous,

    May I ask are you flying there and is the film canisters being express shipped or privately flown? I was merely wondering. Also, around what year were these "raw daily versions" from your former editor from Paramount studios given to you? I was merely wondering as a life-long LOVER & collector of this franchise.


  21. That's a good point Dooger. *shrugs* If he's made this up then it's all on him. No skin off my back other than the uncut footage isn't real.

  22. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 3, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    You both have good points but I have a feeling it is all real for some reason--after all, it is a lot to overly write just to let us big time franchise fanatics to have a MAJOR downer in the end. But I would be MAJORLY BUMMBE but we shall all see here later on in this forum if he returns to give us all some updates.

    Also to Jack: Do you like the links I've been sending you as of late? Fairly neat eh? :)

  23. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 4, 2013 at 4:29 AM

    Well if he is for real then I hope he has a happy fourth and has a very safe trip as well too. :)

  24. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 5, 2013 at 7:56 AM

    Also hopefully he'll "check in on us" via an internet café or with an hotel's wireless internet and the like.

    I REALLY want this all to be true; and there is some reasons to believe him, too. I like that we got a very rather official sounding copy & paste message (I mean he would have nothing to gain from lying overall & he sounds legit). Hopefully he is in L.A. by this time & the footage is being discussed & looked over. Let us all hope.

  25. I read on the Friday the 13films message board that the person that runs that site asked Larry Zerner if there was an alternate death filmed for Shelley and he said no. And Larry's pretty reliable about his Friday the 13th experience.

    So I don't know anymore. It's probably BS but we'll just have to see if the guy responds back to us. If he hasn't done it by the end of the week I'm definitely calling BS then.

    1. Well, it's really not an alternate death. It's just the entire scene. Shell's death, as the mysterious person said, was just cut up and he supposedly owns the entire sequence. However, probably not true. David Katim's death was cut up, we all know that. So there is some validity as to Shelly's death being cut up as well.

  26. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 5, 2013 at 8:07 PM

    Agreed: Also, aside form David Katim's deleted face-melting-mini-sequence of course, there also deleted Vera's immediate reaction to her impending death. The MPAA objected to how "realistic look of terror" that it was or something, as well as blood flow was cut from Debi's death as well too.

    So we shall see. I'll give this gent until Monday morning before I start getting any more suspicious. I'll respectfully give him the benefit of the doubt until then.

  27. I am home! I wish I can tell you all what I know. But, I can't due to a disclosure agreement I had signed with Paramount. Take that for what it is worth...That is all I can say! Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma...

  28. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 6, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    Well now it is nice to hear back from you once again, Anonymous!

    Anyway we shall take your word for it. Hopefully it is all positive news. : )


  29. Anonymous,

    This should be a question you can answer: Will we be getting new info on this in the near future? Like an official announcement?
    Thanks again.

  30. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 6, 2013 at 8:30 PM

    This is Brandon here, a regular contributor to Jack's site here as ya know and I agree with Steve up there:

    Is the 35mm film usable? also, has Mr. Peter Bracke been contacted yet? And will the street date be pushed back now??? I was merely wondering these things.

    1. Peter Bracke has been contacted. Yes, the 35mm film is more than usable. The process Universal used for the Jaws blu-ray release is a similar process. Keep in mind, that film was extremely damaged. Look how that turned out. Unfortunately, everything else is out of my hands. I just hope I get my films back. Sorry, I can't say anything more...

  31. Sorry guys. I'm sure you all have high hopes but this anonymous user is absolutely pulling a fast one. I've been a fan and frequent board reader on all things Friday the 13th for 18 years and there is ALWAYS someone claiming to have something only to never be heard from again. I would bet my house on it. For one, Paramounot is NOT releasing this blu-ray set. They licensed these titles (among many others) to Warner Bros for the next five years.

    1. Wrong. Initially, yes, Paramount did give a back catalogue to Warner Brothers for home videe releasing. But, since Warner sold the Friday rights back to Paramount, Paramount took the box set release over. And, all other future Warner releases through Paramount that were already scheduled.

    2. Sorry. Paramound has the rights to make a new Friday movie in the next 5 years...but Warner has the rights to all past movies and catalog titles. The boxed set is most definitely NOT being released by Paramount.

  32. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 7, 2013 at 1:11 AM

    Yeah I notice that, I don't know why I didn't think of it all before.

    Ah well, it was worth it.

    So interesting of how he was able to describe the above photo perfectly, though. Ah well, there was brief hope. :)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What? Yeah, I left the early morning July 4th, Thursday. Home on July 6th, Saturday. You think Paramount was going to book me up for a whole week in L.A.? Com'on, man. Believe what you want, I was there and that's all that matters.

  34. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 7, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    First of all thanks to Mr. Anonymous once again.

    Well now he as kind enough to give e some replies. And he claims to have dropped the footage off. And he was gone form Thursday until now. I am trying to believe him. I shall wait a few more days until any official announcements.

    But I am just highly suspicious because like that one guy rom Quebec, Canada over four years ago now, we have been duped before (with him saying that he had the Part 2 missing finale with the missing Mrs. Voorhees ghost on an alter 'winking' shot sequence, ect). I REALLY wanna believe this since Parts 2 & 3 are my favorite films in the franchise up right next to the flawed but still old school cool in my eyes The Final Chapter.

    We shall see. Even still I'm getting the net boxset for the artwork, new standard definition DV full of extras it comes with, the comfort of having all twelve films as f now in one comfortable spot & for Parts IV (TFC)-through-'09 crummy remake all in high definition in one spot with new transfers & speaker remixes. Its just a few too many new bells & whistles to admittedly pass up, no worries. :)

    1. Just to let you know, that Part 2 ending, with the "winking" Mrs. Voorhees was NEVER filmed. Ever. It was tossed around in the original script...

  35. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 7, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    By the way to Anonymous,

    Thank you for answering my 35mm question! I was happy to hear that it is indeed very usable. :) Thank you.


  36. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for replying to my post. I didn't see it until now. I deleted my post from above and will simply wait for something official. Sorry if I offended you. With the internet and I'm sure you know this as well people can say anything on here. But thanks again for posting. :) I'm out.

  37. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 8, 2013 at 4:27 AM

    Hello again Mr. Anonymous,

    Wait so Peter Bracke on the Part 2 blu ray special features that said that they filmed it & just decided to leave it out of the final edit, before the now infamous freeze frame, was wrong?

    So interesting. :( I have always taken his word for it. I'm not saying that you're wrong but an actress was cast for that role and was recently interviewed for it for the documentary too. Are you sure? I'm not saying that I am wrong but yeah, interesting discussion.

    And yes I've seen your above posts. A big thanks once again! I can't wait to hear of any possible big/breaking news. :D PEACE!

  38. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 11, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    By the way concerning just the way to add to this discussion of the upcoming twelve films boxset:

    I am VERY tired of allowing fellow regular customers/users such as myself to post "reviews" for an item that isn't even out yet. Whom all agees with me, like my good buddy Jack?

    I mean many of us Friday franchise fanatis/collectors are cool enough, but with all due respect, many online there badly need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. They're complaining about no uncut films & no "RealD for Part3D" and all whatever, ect. Its ridiculous. They need to wait until the boxset finally comes out here in North America & hey, if they don't want all twelve films in high-definition with a new bonus disc of extras, which I feel shall satisfiy us along with pre-ordering the two disc set of Crystal Lake Memories that we all soon can on their website, they while I am not usually a Conservative minded person *tat* much now, then they need their Amazon profiles/accounts terminated.

    The bottom line is: NONE of these dolts need to be reviewing an as of now un-sold item/film set anyhow. I'm sorry but whom all agrees with me that they all need to chill & to calmdown? I'm a super serious fan of these films but there is WAY too much "fan-boy & fan-girl bitching" about the franchise releases. Remember politely but firmly with full-on respect now, folks: You're not made at gun-point to purchase this boxset so start acting like you're made to, okay?

    So sorry Jack! mini-ranting against our fellow fans over now! Hah hah. ;-)

  39. That's always going to happen with Friday fans. And to be honest most of them will break down and buy it when it comes out anyway. They talk a big game but I bet my house a lot them will get it. But even if they don't it's their loss.

    I just hate the fans that say that the ones that are buying it are suckers and will just drop down a $$$ for anything. Luckily, I didn't buy the deluxe editions of the dvds. So I'll be seeing a bunch of new stuff that I've not seen before. Someone told me that the part six disc has more gore that was cut from the film. Looking forward to that. And some more scenes from the New Blood that we've never scene. Like the original death of David and Jason holding up David's decapitated head for Robin to see.

    So the boxset for me is going to be a treat. I'm saddened that they're not releasing Friday the 13th and Jason Goes to Hell in their uncut forms but I recently watched JGTH in its rated form and I still like it. I like that movie because they tried to do something different with the story anyway. Also, I've got the original release they did for the first film on bluray already so I'll just keep it.

    But I agree they need to calm the fuck down and relax.

  40. Brandon,

    Have you ordered your CLM bluray/dvd combo yet? Just ordered my the other day. There's a bonus disc that comes with it if you order it from the official site. Supposedly, it's four more hours of interviews. Eleven hours worth of material!!! That's insane. :)

  41. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 13, 2013 at 5:14 AM

    Hey again Steve!

    So sorry I have only now saw your comments. :)

    Anyway yeah, I agree and I am so glad that someone else agreed with me: Indeed it is our business to own all twelve films w/ some new extras all I high-definition. and yes they all need to calm-down with negative rating an item before it is even out. It is disrespectful to us Friday franchise lovers & to all the film makers (rather it is Steve Miner, Cunningham, Joe Zito, Tom McLaughlin or Adam Marcus, ect) whom helmed their respectful installments.

    It isn't cool & I am glad to respectfully know someone like you that agrees with me real quick that it isn't cool. Also yeah, like I said they are not made at gun-point to order it afterall. lol

    Well as for me: I have the Deluxe Editions, the first three stand alone blu rays too. I gave away my standard def DVD set for money but I wish that I had held onto it now because of the rare commentaries that I always dig. The cast reunion one for Part 3-D is priceless in my eyes. ;-)

    I feel that you'll like this upcoming set. Ever since I got a nicer slim LED last December & a solid sound-bar I am anxious to see the older installments in high-def as I feel they'll look even better. Parts 1 & 2 look wonderful in high def; almost like a great 35mm brad new print. And yeah I'm keeping my stand alone Blu Ray of it since it is uncut.

    I was never too into Jason goes to Hell I don't like it, but I used to have it unrated on DVD an yeah it is a nice part of it--KNB did a good job but I just plain don't like the movie. I shall re-watch it in high def but hey, more power to its true fans! We all have our likes & dislikes of the franchise now. :)

    And yeah I e-mailed Jack a few days about about the bonus disc pre-order. I just made an Amazon order and once some m ore money is on my main card I shall in two or three more days. I'm also VERY excited since I read it on the man Friday site few days back last week. Its very cool to offer that I feel :D

  42. I'm in the minority when I comes to JGTH. Most people put it at the bottom of their best to worst. And that's fine. It's like Adam Marcus said on the JGTH commentary,"some people like their Big Mac always the same." And most Friday fans are pretty adamant about how they want the character to be portrayed. I'm pretty loose with what creators have to offer. I give them a chance. And to be honest I don't mind the gimmicks. Even though I hate FvJ and considered that the worst of the series, I'd still probably support a sequel to that. Same goes for a sequel to JX. I love to see Jason stalking the woods of Earth 2. The point is I try to be a positive fan. And that goes for any of the franchises out there. Whether it be Halloween, TCM, ANMOES, etc.

    I'm also glad that I've kept my previous dvd boxset with the part 3 commentary. I don't understand why that wasn't carried over to the new boxset? I guess they just want to use the most recent version which is the deluxe edition dvds. That's the only reason I can think of why that's not being used. So I'll be keeping the original CL to Manhattan boxset. Didn't some fans bitch about that set to? LOL! Like I said before you can't please everybody.

    The next few months are going to be good ones for Friday fans. With the new bluray boxset and Crystal Lake Memories Doc and just today Platinum Dunes announced they are going to start working on a new film after they're done with TMNT!!!! :) So we have a lot of be happy about.

  43. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 17, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    So sorry that I am just now seeing this Steve my good new friend :) Aside from one day wherein I accidentally sent Jack a few too many links, I've been VERY busy with work and w/ family drama to be quite honest

    And yes I have just pre-ordered the Four-disc Crystal Lake Memories set less then two days ago as of this typing :) its gonna be a GREAT high-def genre year, what with the 35th anniversary of Carpenter's Halloween (w/ Carpenter & Jamie Lee new commentary track, ect) the fine sequels that are Psycho II & III coming to blu ray finally as well as the Friday boxset within two more months, ect :D

    I am trying to save up money aside so that I can have them all in time for Halloween here, as they arrive :) And yes like you I feel that we are VERY nicely & richly spoilt this year as Friday franchise fans and like you, even for stuff that I didn't personally like (such as Jason Goes to Hell/Jason X/Friday '09 remake) I shall support general new ideas about, such as Dean Lorey still wanting to do Jason Takes L.A. with gangs or a Jason X sequel with him on the Earth II lake side setting on Winter as originally planned a'la The Shining, or a Freddy Vs. Ash & Jason, ect.

    An yeah good thoughts there! PEACE :)

  44. Just so you doubters know...Paramount announced two Blu-Ray double packs, seperate from the box set, of Friday/Friday 2 & Friday 3/Friday 4 to be dropped the same day as the box set. Gee...Hmm...I wonder why? HAHA!

  45. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 18, 2013 at 2:53 PM

    Oh no worries my good man, as I never FULLY doubted you though ;-)

    Anyway all personal feelings aside, I SO want this to be true and yeah I would order it online if it has the full on superior quality cut scenes on Steve Miner's Parts 2 & 3D, no worries there. :)


  46. Those are being released in Canada only it seems. Of course that could change but I really hope they don't make us double dip on the 2&3 to get the uncut daily footage? I was hoping they'd be able to release it with the boxset but I guess that won't be the case.

  47. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 19, 2013 at 3:19 AM

    I agree with you, Steve my new friend:

    If that is the case then I shall wait for the uncut Parts 2 & 3, even though I love them to death and a mild part of me wants to see them more then ever, as I have budgets for my monthly spending most years of my life, and I RARELY go over them (even for things such as these that I truly love).

    I already have several notable genre high-def blu rays that I am purchasing this year (Prince of Darkness, Lifeforce soon, The Fog original, Psycho II & Psycho III, Halloween 35th Anniversary edition w/ new commentary and of course the twelve film ultimate edition Friday franchise set) and I just cannot swing much more between now & Christmas time I am afraid. *shrugs*


  48. Over at Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise they don't seem to believe you Anonymous. Maybe you should go and fill them in personally on the situation.

    Here's the link, and scroll down to the bottom.

  49. If you think they're putting uncut footage (that doesn't exist) on budget double feature discs you are going to be very disappointed.


  50. Well, I wish someone would officially debunk this so we can move on.

    Also, Brandon I've got the Lifeforce bluray and its well worth it. A very nice transfer. I'm probably going to get the Prince of Darkness too but I'll probably wait for the Fog to go down in price or I'll catch a used copy on Amazon. I curious to know what's going to be on the Pyscho II and III sets but I doubt I'll get them. I really don't feel like upgrading. And I've bought enough Halloween over the years. So I'm happy with the older Anchor Bay version. :)

  51. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 19, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    Hey gain Steve my good man,

    Well I am through with standard definition myself so I am pre-ordering with one of my debt cards the Psycho II & III Scream Factor sets. Before October I hope to have them all. Also they're putting out the cool cult film title Night of the Comet with Catherine Mary Stewart & that one actor from The Devil's Rejects that I dig. I know its more of a cult film and not a real genre film but dear God how I love that goofy as all fuck oddball comedy.

    I was NEVER too into the dullard & under-acted Psycho IV from Mick Garris whom always seems to make under-exciting genre films (I MIGHT get the bly ray of Sleepwalkers, fan of King adaptions that I am, if it goes down another two bucks on Amazon though *shrugs*). I feel if they go down over time you should look into the Psycho new blu rays :) The first three films make for a nice oddly enjoyable triple feature of lite slashing. :)

    I like Halloween & The Fog and I plan to have both; no harm or fowl if anyone isn't getting them. :) I can respect that decision. The new transfer from Dean Cundey (rumor has it the preferred more Laserdisc-style "blue hued" tinted as controversially originally indeed by Carpenter & cinematographer Dean Cudney now) IS FINALLY making its way towards high-definition & that new Jamie Lee/Carpenter commentary track as well as the rumors of any outtakes is making me wanna order them one BADLY now. :)

    And yeah I read the Lifeforce review on Amazon as well as blu as I know how to use the site; I find the film highly underrated, as well as Carpenter's last interesting film Prince of Darkness (1987) and I shall own both blu rays soon. :) I regularly private message a good female Dutch/Caribbean friend of mine on YouTube about the genre as we both have Asperger's Syndrome & VERY similar tastes and I love both films -- especially the highly underrated, atmospheric Prince of Darkness.

    I also like the atmospheric old school The Fog, flaws & all for a lot of notable reasons & so I wanna pick that up as well. So before Christmas time this year I should have most of the highly touted Scream Factory release of the past year now,, how cool is that eh? :)

    s for the special features on the Psycho II & III discs? Well like all of my Scream Factory blus that I own I suspect it'll have reversible artwork, maybe a Horror's Hallowed Grounds segment with that cool Sean dude and I bet cha Tom Holland (Part II writer that went on to do the first Child's Play, Stephen King's Thinner adaption and of course write/direct the original superior Fright Night) will probably do a commentary track, lets hope (?). :)

    I'd love to see some Part III cast & crew interviewed or do commentary for Part III as well, too. I am practicing Catholic & was raised as such and I always dug this cool, odd ball of a sequel with easily one of Carter Burwell's finest musical scores (no bullshit there).



  52. I actually quite enjoy the Beginning. I thought it was cool going back to see how Norman became who he was. But the best sequel is probably part III. Anthony Perkins did an amazing job directing that. It could've been something really horrible but he took a by the numbers script and gave the movie its on identity from the others by fusing it with his own style and getting great performances from his main leads. And yes the score is superb. Carter Burwell has really gone onto a great career. I also love his score for Gods and Monsters. Did they officially release the score for Psycho III? I'd love to get it. Guess I need to check Amazon.

    And I assume you heard the good news that Scream Factory is going to be releasing Clive Barker's Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut!!!! That's one I'll definitley be getting. I've been wanting to see this for the past twenty years. They also will release Darkman and Assault on Precinct 13!!! Both which I already have though and I'm having with them. I don't need the upgrade.

    And is a great site. I go there on a daily basis for updates and reviews. I trust them a lot. Some of the reviews I don't agree with such as the Predator bluray, but 99.9% they're on the money. I look forward to their review of the Fog and Prince of Darkness. Those should be up soon.

  53. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 21, 2013 at 2:54 PM

    Well out of all of those movies I love Part II and then Part II right next to it. I've give Part II a solid eight stars sequel wise & then Part III a high six as I was recently telling Alaya my dearest Dutch friend (she's fro the Netherlands though born in Colorado) via YouTube private message. I like Part III, flaws & all, a lot--very atmospheric, better acted then of its elk aside from Duke & Norman's rough first meeting (the delivery of both actors is off an I don't like how Norman is so framed when stating "No one ever does..." in response to staying long, framed by that huge stuffed animal).

    But yeah both sequels like; I feel that Perkins REALLY grew as an actor over the years at that point, and aside from the teeny boppers in the food cellar typically kind of clichéd of its time sequence, Part II is a near-perfect many years late sequel for what it is (too many actress Meg Tilly argued with Perkins much on set and really doesn't like discussing the film anymore now), and as you noted & I did Part III has one of the better genre soundtracks of the decade - its truly underrated - slick unique direction & pacing and I like its darer tone storyline, as well as the final "killing off" of the new Mother with the swift butcher's knife decapitation, ect. Also that Norman is arrested for the first time in years too and its ending, ect.

    Very cool sequels. Anyway more power to those that love Psycho: The Beginning -- I just always fund it dull & underacted but if it ever arrives on high-def blu ry more power & respect t it fans. :) And I know of their release schedule genre film wise of regular horror titles & night of the comet but I haven't checked their Wikipedia page in many weeks. I'm not into Nightbreed or Raimi's Darkman but that is too cool :) I also have the original Assault from Carpenter on blu ray so I'll wait to see if there is a new Carpenter commentary track, hah ha. Thanks for the heads-up though! :)

    And it was too cool to finally have his They Live! on blu ray as well too; that & Prince of Darkness were his last truly great films of that era as I feel that Big Trouble in Little China - which in my eyes isn't as much fun as it used to be - gets far too much acclaim in many's eyes now'n days *shrugs*

    And yeah same here: I am on blu scanning through their full technical reviews & movie reviews regularly; For those of us that wanna own & don't download and want the best quality its the best place to go. :) I'm glad I found another support of theirs here! :D


  54. Brandon,

    How do you feel about the Halloween sequels? Just curious.

    And also about this uncut footage I guess we can all put that to bed right? It's not true?


  55. Here are the final specs for the Prince of Darkness bluray. Looks very nice.

    Audio Commentary with John Carpenter
    Sympathy For The Devil – An all-new Interview with Writer/Director John Carpenter
    Alice at the Apocalypse - An all-new interview with Actor & Rock Legend Alice Cooper
    The Messenger – All-new interview with Actor & Special Visual Effects Supervisor Robert Grasmere
    Hell On Earth –A look at the film’s score with Co-Composer Alan Howarth
    Horror’s Hallowed Grounds with host Sean Clark
    Alternate Opening from TV Version
    Original Theatrical Trailer

  56. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 25, 2013 at 6:26 AM

    So sorry Steve, I was very busy as of late.

    And yeha I am happy to have the blu rays pre-ordered. :) Indeed it looks all like a nice, hefty release & I hope that the high def transfer is great. :)

    Mean while I LOVE Halloween's Parts II (1981) and 4 (1988) a lot. Do you have any favorite sequels from there and why? I recently got the blu rays this year of the Halloween's. II looks really nice and s still atmospheric even if I prefer 4 since growing up on it. And a big thanks for the specs too!

    And yeah I doubt that the uncut footage for this up coming release will be on there now it seems, sadly. :( Ah well.


  57. Don't worry about it man. I know you're busy so just get back to me whenever you can. :)

    I've decided to go ahead and by the Fog when it comes out this week. Just got to put some money on my card and I'll pick it up. I personally can't wait for the Prince of Darkness bluray. That's going to be a great set. I'm also hoping Shout Factory gets more of his titles. Really would like to see Body Bags, Village of the Damned, and Vampires come out under their label.

    And as far as my favorite Halloween sequels? I'd say 2,4, and 6 is a guilty pleasure. I love part two because it continues from the first film and I like how they tie together as one story. I also dug the hospital setting in part 2. There was some creepy scenes in that one because of the setting. And just like you I enjoy Return of Michael Myers because I grew up on it as a kid. Lot of memories from watching it and being scared to death. To bad part to capitalize on the ending of that film. And Curse I enjoy because it has such a great Halloween feel to it. Sure the story is beyond ludicrous but I find it very entertaining. For me that was the last true Halloween film. Surprisingly, I also enjoy the Rob Zombie films. I think they're very underrated. But I look at them in a separate cannon away from the rest of the series. He took the idea and made it his own and delivered two films that I think are pretty damn good. Flawed yes, but a lot of my favorite movies are flawed.

    I don't think the uncut footage exists, except if the head effects guy from part 2 decides to release it. I think he has some cut gore from that film because in the Crystal Lake Memories book one of the guys from K.N.B. talks about seeing the uncut double impalement death at the head effects guys house.

  58. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 28, 2013 at 4:53 AM

    Whoa I just come by here, and behold my bewildering eyes what all do I see? : )

    And its all cool Steve, you're a good/patient friend. :D Like you I also like Parts 4 and II for the hospital setting and 4 some a good original cannon continuation, a nice Shape in George Wilbur, also a nice Loomis once again and the introduction of the Jamie Lloyd character as well as it is the first of the then-new set of films to be shot in the Salt Lake City (Utah) area, and I LOVE its Midwestern look, especially the opening rural county farm house shots. LOVE That Alan Howarth score as well, too. Its so rockin', old school diabolical.

    And Part VI (The Curse theatrical cut) is indeed a guilty pleasure. I enjoy its John Carl Beuchler provided additional make-up FX sequences, the lovely heroine played by Marianne Hagen and also the return of the Tommy Doyle character in Paul Rudd from his Clueless-era. Also because of the overall setting and score and dammit, that redone Shape mask is actually one of the better since the original, so help my blasphemy!

    But yeah over all they should have kept the original, much less re-written Daniel Ferrands script there.and yes it is ludacris as fuck to be sure, especially with the reshoots that really went off the depe end, but yeah in the end it is one of the few flannel-clad, grunge rock-era 1994 shot & released in '95 slasher entries now, isn't it? And of course more or less the last onscreen appearance by the late/great Donald Pleasance now, too. (RIP)

    Also I have it on the imported Alliance Canadian blu ray three film set. I also have their nice cheap From Dust Till Dawn blu ray. Sure it has no features, but I see that it has an over all A- video quality image and a GREAT loseeless audio that I can enjoy last time I popped in my disc last year and besides: Whom all want those new almost $3.98 cheap-o mediocre quality (at best) Millcreek sets? Though best of all I have picked up the Earnest films myself, heh ha. I'm a southern suburbanite lad and I grew up with that bring of dumb-fun now. :)

    And yeah I am super seriously pissed off that more or less I feel that this footage doesn't exist. This anonymous guy hasn't been here for days and as far as I know to my knowledge there is new announcements. Ah well, at least we all have the documentary coming up in a few more weeks plus finally ALL the films in the franchise on new high-def transfers WITH a bonus disc of new extras, too. :D

    It truly IS the "Year of Jason", now. ;-)

  59. HisNameWasBrandonAugust 2, 2013 at 8:26 AM

    Whoa, so odd: I remember like five days ago replying here and it still hasn't shown up/been approved. Ah well, I assume that our dearest Jack is very busy, bless him.

    Anyway the more days/weeks we all wait, the more null & voice I feel this anonymous user is. I don't see much from the official franchise site so I doubt these materials still exist *shrugs*. Anyway we're finally getting ALL of the films in a REAL/COMPLETE boxset with a new disc of extras as well as the Crystal Lake Memories doc that I sent off a money order from many days ago now within the coming weeks.

    So even though he is a phony & a fraud, I am still a happy lad. :)

    1. I wouldn't consider the Franchise site to be an authority since they are not connected with the production studios.

      And I took a week off to stay in Death Valley- no electronics other than a digital camera.

  60. I am not a phony or a fraud. It is up to Paramount what they would like to do with the films that I have. I do not appreciate the allegations. When I can find the time & or equipment to convert this to a digital format, I'll put them up here so everyone will shut up. I did what I could, they rest is out of my hands.

  61. HisNameWasBrandonAugust 5, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    Its all cool Jack. :) Take all the time off ya need bro. :) I was just routinely posting.

    And to Anonymous now I would like to see the footage---its gonna be cool if it exists.

    And I also don't consider the franchise site really official now either, but it just has the most info currently over the franchise over all rather it is Paramount-era or New Line Cinema era, ect.



  62. Hey Brandon,

    I totally agree with everything you said about part four. The only thing I don't like about The Revenge of Michael Myers is the mask. I thought it looked like someone was constipated. But yes, George Wilbur did a great job as the Shape. I liked both of his performances in the films he did. A lot of people gave him grief about his performance in 'Curse' but I thought he did good. To be bad he's not in the last ten minutes of the movie. That was some other guy who I thought was pretty stale. There's a five disc dvd set that's been released for a few years now that tries to improve the quality of the Producer's cut version. But there's also all kinds of features on the discs. There's a workprint of the producer's cut, a workprint of the TC version, an unedited director's cut with some more gore and some scenes, the tv cut, and also a disc that has behind the scenes footage and audition tapes of some of the actors. Believe it or not Denise Richards was actually went in to try out for the role of Beth but after she left all the people in the room said she sucked. LOL! And honestly, the best version of that movie is the TV cut that's shown time to time around Halloween. He leaves in all the Loomis and cuts out all the mystic nonsense. I prefer the TC ending even though that doesn't make much sense either.

    Also, I just wantetd to let you know that I caught Night of the Comet and really dug it! :)It had a really cool 80's vibe to it. There were a lot of films released during that area that this off the wall kind of feel to them. Night of the Creeps, Return of the Living, Dead, Slugs, and Chopping Mall were some of the others that really had a different feel to them. I can definietly see the cult appeal. Nice soundtrack too.

    Just a couple more weeks and we'll get the Crystal Lake Memories set. Can't wait!!!! :)

    1. To this day I love Parts IV & II a lot more but yeah I love a bit & appreciate The Curse of MM as one of the last original films before they REALLY felt more like products & were a bit too teeny bopper-ish with no real longer Midwest shot, greater Salt Like City atmospheres of the month of October ffrom Parts IV/V/VI, ect. I REALLY miss those old establishing Midwestern shots before they switched back to Vancouver soundstages & the greater Los Angeles are (Pasadena/South Pasadena, ect) for the pointless remakes & such, ect.

      I truly feel that only John Carpenter and his cinematographer pulled it off nicely.

      So will you be changing your mind on the upcoming 35th anniversary blu ray? The fact that it has a new commentary track & is supposedly gonna be supervised & color-corrected as the old properly blue-tinted Laserdisc was, guarantees that I shall pre-order it soon. :D

      Its a seminal classic and I don't mind owning new versions of it.


      And yeah the Producer's Cut, flaws & all, is a like 40% superior cut in my eyes. I REALLY wished that with some acting improvements & more finished sound FX and another type of reshoot(s) for the ending and the gore put back in that it could have improved it even more.

      Its CERTAINLY not the piece of shit that it is made out to be. Resurrection is still the worst of the original cannon sequels, I feel--I really can't say that I like much about the film, except for the attractive cropped off hair, Britney Murphy best friend look-alike that is decapitated lamely towards the end. *Shrugs* I just ultimately had SO many problems in that film.

      And yeah despite George Wilbur's weight gain in the years since he was a solid Shape in Part VI I was telling William on Skype whom post here a few weeks back, heh heh. :D And yeah the reshot guy of Michael Learner (the son of a suntman mini-legend of Fred Learner--yes I know these things, Aspie with Asperger's that I am) was just sort of there. If he was instructed to move better I wouldn't have minded so much.

      But yeha Mr. Wilbur is cool. Look for him also as the balief handing the Judge some papers in Ghostbusters II (no speaking lines) and also as the co-pilot that tries to hurt Ben Richards (Arn-Old) in The Running Man (1987).

    2. Hey again Steve my good man!

      Say do ya have an e-mail account? That way we both don't have to keep commenting a bit off-topic here, even though this is a genre film board I know :)

      Ya know despite myself having the Alliance improted Canadian blu ray 3-film set of Parts 6/H20/Resurrection, I looked up a review of the five disc standard definition DVD edition and I saw from blu ray .com that the new Echo Bridge release if their $4 discs is typical barely mediocre quality and not worth it.

      And so then I checked eBay and ioffer where I have an account. I must say now that I found some on ioffer my good man that you have sold another five-disc set of this bad boy. :D Heh heh Yes I plan to order it soon. I also noticed that both pages make notes in parenthesis about Denise Richards' HORRID supposed fuckin' audition. Dear God have mercy on us, she must've REALLY stunk up the join (since it was her earlier in the '90s stink anyways and let us face it she was never much of an actress anyway, even during her younger Doogie Houser days, ect). lmao

      And so yeah I remember the old later half of the '90s UPN network cut too. I first learned about it MANY years ago now (literally the dial-up days of the internet, my early days of being online, ect) from there. I remember thinking that it lacked a viscual punch but was of note for the P-Cut scenes, ect.

      Mostly even though I liked the Theatrical Cuts extra Industrial Light & Magic John Carl Beuchler make-up FX reshoot sequences & as well as some of the added audio/sound EFX added in (dear God that build-up to Karen discovering her brother's lifeless slashed throat lifeless body & his girlfriend Beth has the most out of this world howling build up that I've always dug--don't know why, but its so guttural & oddly cool 'n effective).

      And yeah it seems like the quality of most say that it is a solid 8 out of ten and maybe even beter then my Alliance Canadian import blu ray and yeah the extras (like the behind-the-scenes footage shot by the FX crew during production) and the auditions and those rare traielrs that we all remember from Miramax Home VHS tapes in the '90s ("Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers!", remember those?) shall make me wanna own it.

      I agree that it feels a bit "rushed" in the theatrical cut and maybe Daniel Ferrands shouldn't have to have his work re-written so much. I mean they could have added four minutes onto the ending, explained a bit better & re-did the music and VIOLA, its one of the better sequels. :)

      To this day I love Parts IV & II a lot more but yeah I love a bit & appreciate The Curse of MM as one of the last original films before they REALLY felt more like products & were a bit too teeny bopper-ish with no real longer Midwest shot, greater Salt Like City atmospheres of the month of October ffrom Parts IV/V/VI, ect. I REALLY miss those old establishing Midwestern shots before they switched back to Vancouver soundstages & the greater Los Angeles are (Pasadena/South Pasadena, ect) for the pointless remakes & such, ect.

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  65. Okay, got it my good friend. ;-)


  66. Come on admit you were full of it about the uncut footage. Its okay no one will be mad. :)

  67. Haven't heard anything on these uncut versions of the film so I'll assume...and Mrs. Voorhees "smiling" at the end of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 was definitely filmed - I have the Fangoria showing the actor in costume for the scene and the article saying the shot was more funny than scary...