Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kirsten Baker in James at 16 (1978)

Here's a great shot of Kirsten Baker in the TV series James at 16 (the season prior was titled James at 15) in the 1978 episode "The Gift" as Christina Kolberg. Here's a brief synopsis of the series premise, not that it really went very far.
James, a daydreamer and photographer, must learn to cope with life as his father moves the family from Oregon to Boston MA. Though there is much humor here, the series dealt with many serious problems (teenage alcoholism, virginity, pregnancy, venereal disease).
Here is a synopsis of the episode The Gift; sounds like a winner.
James looks forward to his upcoming 16th birthday and hopes to get a car as a gift. His uncle decides to give him a night with a call-girl instead. Shunning that situation, James falls in love with a Swedish foreign exchange student and loses his virginity.


  1. HisNameWasBrandonJune 17, 2013 at 2:19 PM

    Ah too cool to see this Jack my good man!

    So interesting to see Kirsten as a more fair-haired gal. She was born in Norway and then adopted at a very young age and so that s probably her natural hair color, even if I prefer her as a darker haired lass.

    Too cool to see this story & pics. Around the time of the late '70s & early '80s there was a fuck ton of early Friday franchise stars from the early Paramount years on television as we all know, even if they're more obscure in the general public's eye these says. Much respect. :)

  2. Isn't that the kid from Salem's Lot?

  3. Hottie boom-bottie

  4. This looks like a prety horrible show, hahaha