Friday, November 4, 2011

Long lost trailer to the ill-fated fan film: The Woods

I posted some screen shots, BTS videos and some roughly edited footage about 6-8 months ago of this fan film project a handful of friends and I were a part of. When I posted it I searched endlessly for this trailer that we made for it, but never found it. So, while I was cleaning out my external hard drive look at what I found! I added our silly "Shitron Video" logo at the beginning as well as a red band R rating disclaimer, but here it is.

Do They Owe Us or Do We Owe Them

from: Terror Dave's
For the past handful of years I have noticed on some message boards have called out some of the Friday The 13th alumni for distancing themselves from the franchise. You know, I am a huge fan and I wouldn't love anything more than some of the elusive actors in the franchise to come out and enjoy the franchise's fame. However, there are still some of them who to this day want absolutely nothing to do with it at all.