Friday, January 11, 2013

Derek Mears talks Gangster Squad

Derek Mears
from: Next Movie
Here's a neat interview with Mr. Jason 2009 himself from Next Movie where he speaks about his upcoming film Gangster Squad where he works alongside Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling-- sorta. I suspect that his role in Goon Squad is small and this interview was poking fun at that.

Actor/comedian/goon-for-hire Derek Mears is a student of history, a man who clearly respects the goons who came before him while looking at himself as a role model for a new generation of goons being ushered in. His dedication shines through in the new shoot-em-up "Gangster Squad," in which Mears appears opposite Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling in the vital role of "Bridge Goon."

A Conversation with Darcy DeMoss

The beautiful Ami Dolenz with Darci 

One of the most unsung beauties of the entire Friday the 13th franchise, Darcy DeMoss (Friday the 13th: Part VI and nearly Part V) is one of the lost loyal to her fans and as far back as I can remember, always has been.

Here's a pretty in-depth interview with her, covering most of her more well-known roles.