Friday, January 11, 2013

A Conversation with Darcy DeMoss

The beautiful Ami Dolenz with Darci 

One of the most unsung beauties of the entire Friday the 13th franchise, Darcy DeMoss (Friday the 13th: Part VI and nearly Part V) is one of the lost loyal to her fans and as far back as I can remember, always has been.

Here's a pretty in-depth interview with her, covering most of her more well-known roles.

Q: What was it like being a part of a franchise like “Friday The 13th“?  DD: It was a lot of fun. Some directors are unapproachable and some are so accessible and this was my first introduction to the most accessible, coolest director ever. Tom McLoughlin, who both wrote and directed this film, was so awesome!
Q: How was that (her kill) scene filmed?  DD: They actually constructed a whole room that was designed to be the bathroom inside of the Winnebago. All of the walls were removable so they could get different angles and shots. They even had an overhead camera as well. I remember it was an entire evening of filming my fight scene with Jason.
Q: For the actual “kill” scene was that a mask of your face that was constructed? DD: Yes it was. I have to admit; when we made that mask it was hard for me to stay still in that position for so long because I’m claustrophobic. And I was completely covered. Fortunately though my mouth was open but I still had to keep it that way for a very long time while they made it. I actually had the mask recreated from photos taken by the special effects company and I bring them along to my convention appearances.

Read the rest, it's pretty good.

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