Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mezco Cinema Of Fear Series 4 pre-order.

Man, gotta love this Jason III figure- captures the Brooker stature to a tee. Two others in the series 4 are A Nightmare On Elm Street related so go take a look and pre-order if you want these- they may sell out as fast as the last!

Is 3-D horror making a come back?

In the 1980's a good handful of horror movies (mainly Part III's) were released in 3-D, maybe you recognize the names; Friday The 13th Part III, Jaws III, Amityville III? It seemed like the huge success of Friday The 13th Part III paved the way for these movies in hopes to capture the same success, for the most part it did not happen. Friday The 13th Part III up until recently was the highest grossing 3-D film of all time, only to be dethroned by Spy Kids 3-D. Although the 1980's gave a valiant effort the 3-D craze of the 1950's was not recaptured and seemed to die with a bunch of failures like Silent Madness and Parasite.

A fan perspective: Friday The 13th I-III and His Name Was Jason DVD review.

I really don't want to let people down with this being one of the biggest horror releases of the year and all. I was really excited for these and got them all, came home and popped them in. First and foremost all of the movies had a better transfer, which really makes the DVDs worthwhile in my opinion. However, that's where it ends- I am a sucker for behind the scenes, making of..., cast interviews and all of those awesome extras that every other Special Edition gets. Aside from Part I we got none of those, or at least nothing new. It really seems like that the same cast members over and over and I am not beating these people up, but am I the only one who is freaking tired of Ari Lehman's story? Why hasn't Warrington Gillette shut up yet? How many ways can you talk about a 6 second scene?

Benevolent Street: Friday The 13th in memorium.

The late and lovely Laurie Bartram

Benevolent Street did up this extra sweet, extra special blog post on the late Friday Th1 3th cast members. It has been posted allover, but I wanted to do so as well!

With the remake of Friday the 13th hitting thereat in a little over a week, I think now is the perfect time to honor the franchise alumns who are no longer with us. Without these guys and girls, the Friday universe would not be what it is today. And in fact, without them today, that universe is just a little bit smaller. However, as sad as it is, it is only natural and inevitable that in the 3 decades now that the series has been running, a few of those stars were bound to burn out. However, by watching these movies over and over again and remembering these men and women, we are keeping them as immortal as Jason Voorhees himself.
We have lost a total of 12 on screen personas in the Friday the 13th franchise over the course of, ironically, 12 installments. Lets take a moment to remember those who have passed on.

Ruste Dowg interviews Derek Mears.

People know Dowg for his hockey masks, and that's all good and well since he is one of the top hockey mask painters out there. If you don't frequent horror and mask forums you may not have known that he also interviewed Derek Mears, Mister Jason 2009 himself!
Dowg: What did you think the first time you saw it (the mask)?