Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dan Farrands talks about "His Name Was Jason"

Daniel really talks about some interesting things in this interview, I think you guys will like it.

From Bloody Disgusting:
BD: Was there anyone you simply could not FIND?
Farrands: A couple people. Some people had sort of chosen to stay away from it… like Melanie Kinnaman from part 5. Certainly Kevin Bacon was someone we really tried for, and Thommy had a couple conversations with Kevin’s people, and they were actually really nice, and even sort of enthusiastic about it, but at the end of the day they just said “no”. One I really tried to reach out to was Marta Kober, Sandra from part 2. She has literally just gone missing, and her family is really concerned for her. I guess she had some issues. I found some relatives that I was able to reach out to, and they said “We don’t even know where she is and we’re very concerned.” It’s pretty sad. So she’s certainly the most difficult one to track down. And a guy named Alan Hayes from part 4 (Paul), we’ve been chasing him for a while and it turns out his name isn’t Alan Hayes at all! His name is Clyde Hayes, and we got in touch with a manager who used to rep him and he didn’t know how to reach him either. People have gotten out of the business and moved on, it’s a challenge to find people who have moved on with their lives.
BD: And I understand Paramount is going to release