Saturday, October 24, 2009

By popular demand: Scabboy's Top 10 Halloween flicks!

So, I get asked a lot about my favorite movies to watch on Halloween. Realistically, you can never count out the obvious Halloween movies (i.e. Halloween) so I will do a top ten list. Most people's Halloween top 10 is chock-full of Halloween sequels, Universal Monster movies and Saw films- mine isn't. I think some people will be surprised with some of my picks.

10) Trick Or Treat (1986): Not only is this a Halloween based movie (hence the name) with that 1980's cheesy charm, but it has Skippy (Marc Price) from Family Ties with a kick ass mullet. The movie also has cameos by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons. The story is also quite simple- the school outcast played by Marc obtains a demo from his late rock hero who died in a fire. The tape possesses him and he seems revenge against his tormentors. Even though this is #10, it's a MUST for Halloween viewing.

Fangoria # 22: Douglas J White talks about Jason III

Alan A. Appone and Douglas J White work on Jason
from: MEL Effects
In Fangoria #22 Douglas J. White talks about creating the face of Jason and what inspired the look.
"The other task was the creation of killer Jason's makeup, a task what was created within some time limitations. We'd already been working on the show for almost 10 weeks when they came up to me to do the (new) makeup for Jason (Jason's makeup was previously done by Stan Winston).

Short Part III reunion

Of course being shot by Scott Goldberg, the video looks superb- the video has Paul Kratka, David Katims, Richard Brooker and Larry Zerner and is from Screamfest 2007.

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Dana Kimmell goodness: Texas- The Shooting Of Alex Wheeler