Friday, October 30, 2009

A New Beginning shooting location!

Thanks to Germaniac on the Friday The 13th board, we know the exact spot where Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning was shot. Thanks to his detective work we found out the location is called Rancho Rosita in Camarillo, California. Here are a few photos that come from the site, as you can see it's most definitely the house and the barn from the movie.


I thought I would enjoy this more than I am...

As a kid of the 1980's- being able to actually rent videos at a legitimate mom & pop video store- you'd think seeing all of the Blockbusters going out ob business would give me more happiness. I can say that those video rental stores were my Grindhouses, and Hwy 41 in High Springs, Fl (which had my rental store of my choice) was my 42nd Street.

When Blockbuster started to infiltrate the small towns (after it had taken over the cities) pretty much every independent video rental store went out of business. Thankfully, very select few independently owned ones did stay and survive, but those are few and far between. I can never express how much I hated Blockbuster for doing that to the video rental industry.

Halloween goodness: I rank the Halloween movies WORST to FIRST

10) Halloween (2007): By far the worst of the entire franchise, and that says a lot with all of the turds. Rob Zombie did well with this film visually and directing, but once again failed miserably with the writing. In my opinion Zombie went way too far back and recreated way too much about Michael Myers that it simply can not be forgiven. Myers was always a good child from a good family turned evil without any provocation. Zombie made Michael a stereotypical, cliche killer by putting him in a bad family and being a product of his environment.