Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old school Dread Central interview with Dash.

Steve Dash as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: Part II
Done by the infamous Sean Clark, one of the first interviews with Dash tackling the whole "Necrocomicon/Warrington" incident. Read the rest at Dread Central, if you wish. Dash is incorrect in saying that he did everything else in reference to Warrington only doing the window scene. Jerry Wallace actually did a good part of inserts with hands, feel, stalking, running and even killed Vicki and Alice. Of course, the now infamous Ellen Lutter supplied her legs to Jason in the pre-credit scene.

SC: Now I actually did an interview with Warrington about a year ago and I asked him the same question. He claimed at the time in the interview that the only things you did in the film were a couple of insert shots of your hands performing some kill scenes.
SD: That’s what I’ve heard he has said also. For the last twenty-five years I haven’t even gotten involved with it until recently, when Peter Bracke called me about writing his book. As far as the validity of what he says and the validity of what I did can be substantiated and corroborated by Steve Miner and Cliff Cudney, the stunt coordinator.