Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fan film review: Friday The 13th: Again!

Well, there's not a lot to this fan film at all but it was a fun watch. It was done a while back, one of the first that I saw online during the fan film craze of the late 90's early 2000's. The acting is pretty good, the actors are funny and well rehearsed. The story, well it's typical with a great comic aspect to it. It's done by Braxton Films, so the quality is there regardless if it's not up to par with other Braxton films.

The official mask for Rob Zombie's H2


It's the sculpture of the mask for Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween 2. I like it, however we will see once it's put to latex and pulled from the mold and haired. Continuity wise it's pretty dead-on. I'm not saying that I am looking forward to this movie, but so far it's looking proper.

I guess I can say the mask can look worse- Halloween 5 and 6 anyone? Still, this movie may suck but will never come close to being the pieces of shit that Halloween 5-8 were.