Thursday, January 22, 2009

Much love: Part 3/4/5 "hero" mask.

WarLock from the Night Owl Productions forum just did this one up and man I love it. I am delighted about the recent love for this mask and it's been my favorite for a long time. Oddly enough, we only really see 10-15 seconds of this mask in Part V. It's the same mask used in Parts III & IV, of course more weathered and with more blood. Here's what WarLock said about it:

Well here it is... I've been wanting to do this style for a long time now and finally got around to it. I spent about 2 weeks on this one on and off to get it as close as I could to Dick Warlock's screen used hero mask. I reshaped it and gave the axe cut a warp just as it looks in the behind the scenes pics. The final look is something I've tried to achieve for a long time now. I almost don't want to let it go. Anyway, I will be shipping this one to AllHallowsGhost next week. On w/ the pickage! I'll try to post more if I get the chance.

Next to Crash's, this one has to be the best that I have seen. Hit him up if you want one, he's doing them up for people! For reference the one to the right is the real deal, owned by Dick Warlock himself.

What's up with the sack head?

We all know that Jason's sack mask in Friday The 13th Part II was done before in The Town That Dreaded Sundown, but was it really a stolen idea? Steve Dash was asked once about it and he pretty much said that he had no clue what inspired it. He did go on to say that Steve Miner ditched the idea in Friday The 13th Part III because of the complications that came with shooting- basically, the sack had to be taped down to his face with double-sided tape. He mentioned that when he would run the eye hole would move around and it made it hard to see. After many, many takes over many, many days removing the mask from the double-sided tape ended up ripping the top layers of skin off and made the ordeal painful.