Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh No, Kirsten!

I am not one to "out", but since these are over a decade old (from 02-03) I thought I would share. I personally love mugshots and think they make girls look sexy. Obviously, these are from a low point in one's life and it seems that Kirsten Baker had a problem "knowing when to say when" from 02 to 03 and was arrested multiple times for driving under the influence. It seems now she has gotten her shit back in order and doesn't do stuff like this anymore- at least I hope not. I still think these photos are pretty adorable.


  1. Yup, whenI came across them while researching my net three or so batches of "rare pics of Friday franchise actresses from the first four films" I saw this & its why I immediately sent it to you.

    I must say as she is Scandanavian blooded & born she is still gorgeous to this day--I am actually not kidding here; she still looks very hot, like a solid nine out of a possible ten for an older woman--and like you, I'm glad that she is now attending conventions & appears to have put this DWI shit (which both endangers her lives as well as countless others every year).

    Much respect to her. Whom all knows what happens? Perhaps she was just dependant on a certain taste of pina colada or daiquiri? Or was goin' through a divorce or fiancial woes? Drinking is a serious addiction & much respect to her if she fully quit. :D

    Anyway just wait until the next batchof Friday actress stuff that I send ya!!! PEACE!

  2. Bummer - but she does look good! I mean, not her best, but she was born pretty and still is. I'm in recovery (alcohol/drugs) so I can "feel it." Hope she's ok.

  3. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 11, 2013 at 6:52 PM

    To Anonymous:

    Best of luck to you on staying sober & clean. I know it is not easy. I used to be BADLY depresse as all fuck and to have minor food addictions as well as lonliness issus too before I found someone. Of course it is NOT 'fully' on the same page as drug dependancy & alcohalism that can run in families, but it is getting closer to there every few years.

    And yes she still looks MIGHTILY good for her age from the convention photos that I've seen.

  4. Hey Jack, if you think that Kirsten has had sordid past, wait until you see her Part 2 co-star whom I just e-maile you about last night.

    I honestly would have never expected so many retro Friday starlets to have spent so much time in jail collectively from one movie, but hey life is very ecentric & crazy. You'll see what I mean. ;-)

  5. so shes a drunk

  6. Not just once, or twice, or thrice. Dang, I hope she's clean now. This could be why she was not anywhere to be found in the early 2000's.

  7. HisNameWasBrandonMarch 21, 2013 at 3:39 AM

    To Grady:

    Yeah I found those pis on the web for Jac & sent it to'em. And yeah, it is kinda a bit fucked up what you an find out about more obscure even b-list and c-grade style scream quen stye starlet & genre film actors online.

    You won't believe the shit I foun on Marta Kober, also her costar in part 2, via the web. She alo ha a big time police record & was on the run & on the lamb from her own family & friends for many years. Only on Marta's face her hard living ha REALLY shown up with her, while Kirsten has aged a lot better. I guess she has stopped drinking sine attending conventions, bless her.

  8. sux to see this

  9. HisNameWasBrandonJuly 9, 2013 at 12:51 AM

    To Benjamin up above me,

    Indeed it does. However, in her mild defense of her, it appears that she has indeed kept her shit together. But yeah much earlier in the year as I was scouring the net for early Friday actress photos of not too availability for our dearest friend Jack here, I was indeed taken aback for several minutes as I read over & saved the pics.

    Indeed it possibly greatly explains her absence from acting in film & television and also her roughed up looks. I still find her VERY attractive & to her defense once again, she appears even hotter-then-ever at conventions around twice a year or so, and so perhaps this is all in her past? Maybe an older boyfriend or ex-hubby drove her to drink a bit too much sometimes? We all may never know until we walk some miles in her shoes. *shrugs*

    Also of note: While her mugshots have sadly suddenly disappeared fro the web I used to know of a link to her Part 2 co-stars' Marta Kober's mugshot from a greater Portland, Oregon jail. Oddly enough less then two days after I found it that website cleaned itself off and I couldn't save it. A pitty that so many of Part 2's bit players/supporting cast has at once point or another fell on hard times! But as we all know even being a minor/bit player in the entertainment industry, trying to make six figures in ones life & to travel 'n learn and such is NO easy task and addiction is a motherfucker. :(

  10. Love that butt.

    1. Great comment. Kirsten's butt is a legend in and of itself. Her butt in Friday the 13th- Part III shown in closeup wearing jean cutoffs is beyond words. Her butt is so gorgeous and sexy that I remember guys gasping in the movie theater at the sight of her tight shapely butt shown closeup. Her face in the above pics is nothing short of world class beauty. The profile pic is of such high beauty that I would put that up against any world class model or actress. That's how beautiful she is.

    2. Part 2 jackass

  11. she looks like shit