Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crash's Part VII Screen Used Casting

from: Crash Creations  
This is his casting of the screen-used Part VII hero mask in resin from Josh Ludemann. I think these would be bad-ass to be used in making Part VII replicas. However, if not, this is an amazing reference for making your own Part VII.

Part III Original Script Revisited

Andy, Debbie and Chris entering the cabin while Jason hides inside 
This is one of my favorite scenes of the original Part III shooting script-- though either cut from the film or never filmed-- it would have added a lot to the movie, I think. It puts Jason inside of the main cabin watching Shelly's activities after Chris and Rick realize someone has been sleeping in one of the rooms. Jason being inside of the cabin obviously pushes the fact that it was indeed Jason sleeping in the bed.

Chris in CLOSE SHOT, looks around the room, concerned about what she sees.