Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crash's Part VII Screen Used Casting

from: Crash Creations  
This is his casting of the screen-used Part VII hero mask in resin from Josh Ludemann. I think these would be bad-ass to be used in making Part VII replicas. However, if not, this is an amazing reference for making your own Part VII.

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  1. Hmm VERY cool & interesting.

    As ya know, I was never truly too keen on the later post-V Paramount Pictures distribute installments, but I still own'em all and can watch those three times over the lousy more pedestrian New Line Cinema distributed ones, though.

    For my money Part VII has soe fine nudity and okay behind-the-Mason Dixon Line (as in Southern U.S.) shot locales and one of the series hands down bitchy platinum blonde leads in the late/great Jennifer Susan Sullivan, an sadly, not much all else. It REALLY comes across as a badly lit with blue-ish & white-ish filters shot, piss poorly acted like a late '80s lower budget Canadian looking straight to VHS tape movie, and all of the starting with Part VI-onwards mass to me, I dunno, just oddly look like department tore dinner plates to me. But alas to each their own, and this is very cool, too.