Saturday, October 31, 2009

Myth Busters to test a Jason X myth!

Anyone remember that turd of a movie called Jason X? No? Well, unfortunately my wallet and I remember it quite well. Sadly, my subconscious had to intake this movie because I was practically asleep during it. At any rate, Wednesday November 4th at 9 PM the MythBusters will tackle the death of Adrienne (No, not Adrienne King!) in the 2002 Opus of Shit Jason X.

ESPN: How A Hockey Mask Became So Scary

Jaques Plante donning his mask
Larry Zerner posted this on his Face book and I found this interesting to say the least.
The most recognizable piece of sports equipment was never used in an actual game. Unless you consider mass murder a sport.

The first time I noticed it was as I walked through the local video store, a preteen-ager not yet worried about catching glimpses through the doors of the adults-only section. Then, I was more focused on the forbidden allure of the horror aisle, fascinated by the terrible images on the back of the VHS boxes: buxom girls in tattered clothes screaming, chain saws glistening, bloody machetes about to strike. These weren't production stills, they were portals to hell. And every so often, you could catch sight of the demon causing all the wreckage: a bulking man in a hockey mask.