Monday, February 4, 2013

Victor Miller Blog

For those Friday the 13th fans out there, I am plugging Victor Miller's blog since his posts always entertain me. He's personally one of my favorite Friday the 13th "creators" sinceI tend to agree with most of the things he says on his Facebook (and elsewhere) and he (and his son) is also a long-time fellow tattoo collector.

A New Beginning Killer Set Up

A Roy Burns shot in Part V
After watching Friday the 13th: Part V, A New Beginning the other day I payed close attention to certain scenes (more particularly the one's with Roy) to see if I could pick out subtle nuances with the character that was trying to hint at Roy being the killer. I have always said that without knowing that Roy is the killer it is literally impossible to tell that he was the killer or even was to be a suspect. Watching the movie as a child for the first time I did not suspect Roy, Tommy, Victor, Junior or anyone else. I suspected Jason.