Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brad Fuller talks Friday The 13th Part II.

From Bloody-Disgusting:

With Friday the 13th arriving in theaters everywhere on February 13th, we caught up with Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller who talked with Bloody-Disgusting exclusively about the film, its potential sequel, the status on A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and even touches on FREDDY VS JASON 2. You can read all of the juicy details beyond the break or click the title above for over 40 hi-res stills.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ron Millkie interview from 2004.

This is an interview- well chat- I had with Ron in late 2004.

sCabbOy: How long have you been involved in acting, and how did you get into it?
Ron Millkie: My old acting teacher Sanford Meisner always said "actors are born ,not made' This was evident in my case. In grade school I was the class clown and would spend hours devising schemes and chaos to disrupt the class. Later I was able to direct this behavior into a need to act. Did some plays ln high school and with a theatre company while in the Air Force. Upon discharge I returned home(Windsor, Ct) and worked for a while as a radio DJ. I auditioned for a summer stock production of "West Side Story" and met some New Yord actors who convinced me to try my luck in in big city.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Betsy Palmer cries foul over new Friday The 13th.

From Shock Till You Drop:

The woman whose on-screen killing spree would kick off over twenty-five years of Jason Voorhees films, Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees to you, punk), is speaking out on the new Friday the 13th which opens in theaters February 13th. And what she has to say isn't surprising.

Rapin' Jason: The Friday The 13th clones.

So, in the 1980's a lot of people made a lot of money on taking the Friday The 13th formula and applying it to their script. Most of these "homages" ended up being pretty good and unique in their own way. Then, it seems like in the 1990's and 2000's a lot of movies took that formula and then some- pretty much cloning Jason himself. Here's a few that are actually tolerable in their own way.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TV spot #7: Jason unmasked.

So, there has been a lot of talk over Jason and the fact that he does not show his face in Friday The 13th 2009. It has become a tradition for Jason to be unmasked in the movies, and it was sort of a let down for a lot of us. So, anyways, in the TV spot #7 it was revealed- his face, that is. So, for those interested here it is. Doesn't look too scary to me, in fact it looks pretty stupid.

Shock Till You Drop: THREE more TV spots!

As if four TV spots for Friday The 13th 2009 wasn't enough, here are three more! Thank Shock Till You Drop for these!

Fan film review: Jason Nemesis

Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Part 6Part 7Part 8

Unfortunately amidst all of these fan films you are bound to get ones that just aren't that good. Jason:Nemesis is one of those and really seems more like a badly throw together film. At times the movie has a very good flow, and good camera work and then at times it was like they just set up a video camera on a tripod and ad-libbed without cuts. I won't say that director Shane Drury is bad, but this movie was not at all directed well, however, still, it is just a fan film.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jason vs Mulder: Ted White on The X-Files

Ted White on the X-Files
One of Ted White's last acting jobs was in 1998, X-Files season 6, episode 4 (and 5) called Dreamland (he was also uncredited in the second part Dreamland II) .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dread Central: Who is Jason 2?

In case some people reading thinks I was full of shit with the "Who Is Warrington Gillette?" post, in a very ironic way, Dread Central posted something eerie similar- an interview with Steve Dash discussing the very thing that I posted about.

SC: Does it bother you that in the film’s credits they gave Warrington credit as Jason and not yourself and how did that end up happening?
SD: Well, what happened with that is when they hired me for the movie Steve Miner told me they had hired Warrington as Jason and Paramount wanted him to have that screen credit. The only credit they could give me was "Jason Stunt Double", however Miner did tell me that my name would be directly under his name in the screen credits, but as it turned out my credit is in the back of the film. So Steve Miner and Paramount were not totally honest with me. I agreed that it was okay as long as my name was next to his as "Jason Stunt Double" and that’s fine, but the fact of the matter is I’m an actor that has done over 35 movies over the years, soap operas, advertisements, commercials, plays; I’m a professional. I don’t sign things that are not mine. And I certainly don’t want people signing their name to my pictures.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part 3 location: then and now.

A lot of people may already know that Friday The 13th: Part III was shot at a movie ranch, the Veluzat Movie Ranch in Newhall, California. It was the first to be shot in California, and the first of three in a row. The other parts of Part III were shot in the local area, and I am not sure if anyone has ever found where the Crystal Lake Cafe was shot- if they have, send me pictures!

Jason doesn't run!

So, quite frankly I am tired of this whole "Jason doesn't run!" bull shit. It all started in about 1987 when this guy named Kane Hodder came up with that awesome bit "trivia" completely disregarding the fact that Jason II, III and IV ran and Jason VI came damn close. I don't know- it is a pet peeve of mine to hear fans say that. Hell, some of the best Jasons ran and I consider Friday The 13th 1-V THE best in the franchise.

Friday, January 23, 2009

eBay: Part 6 mask for sale from original!

Here it is- after much talk of actually doing it, here it is.I am not sure how expensive this will be bid up to but I imagine it would go as high as $800. It's a chance to own a piece of history, cast straight from C.J. Graham's actual mask.

This is a tooling master cast created directly from C.J. Graham’s original hockey mask used in the opening sequence of “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.”

This Jason Hockey Mask is approximately 9 ½”x 9”x 4” and made of a very thick and durable white urethane casting resin. This casting was made as part of a restoration and preservation process done with C.J. Graham’s original “screen used” title sequenc
e mask. I am the person who was responsible for making and painting the original masks for Reel EFX for the 1986 production of “Jason Lives.”

I'm pretty psyched about this and hopefully a mask maker gets his hands on this so us collectors can have a reasonably priced reproduction in our collections! The mask also comes with a certificate of authenticity and a signature from C.J. Graham.

With all of the Tarallo vs. White debate on the origins of the Part III masks, here's a chance to get one from the real man of the 1986 mask, straight from him.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Much love: Part 3/4/5 "hero" mask.

WarLock from the Night Owl Productions forum just did this one up and man I love it. I am delighted about the recent love for this mask and it's been my favorite for a long time. Oddly enough, we only really see 10-15 seconds of this mask in Part V. It's the same mask used in Parts III & IV, of course more weathered and with more blood. Here's what WarLock said about it:

Well here it is... I've been wanting to do this style for a long time now and finally got around to it. I spent about 2 weeks on this one on and off to get it as close as I could to Dick Warlock's screen used hero mask. I reshaped it and gave the axe cut a warp just as it looks in the behind the scenes pics. The final look is something I've tried to achieve for a long time now. I almost don't want to let it go. Anyway, I will be shipping this one to AllHallowsGhost next week. On w/ the pickage! I'll try to post more if I get the chance.

Next to Crash's, this one has to be the best that I have seen. Hit him up if you want one, he's doing them up for people! For reference the one to the right is the real deal, owned by Dick Warlock himself.

What's up with the sack head?

We all know that Jason's sack mask in Friday The 13th Part II was done before in The Town That Dreaded Sundown, but was it really a stolen idea? Steve Dash was asked once about it and he pretty much said that he had no clue what inspired it. He did go on to say that Steve Miner ditched the idea in Friday The 13th Part III because of the complications that came with shooting- basically, the sack had to be taped down to his face with double-sided tape. He mentioned that when he would run the eye hole would move around and it made it hard to see. After many, many takes over many, many days removing the mask from the double-sided tape ended up ripping the top layers of skin off and made the ordeal painful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Old Debi-Sue Voorhees Interview

This was set up by me a few years back and conducted by, enjoy.

Tommy Jarvis- Hello Debbie, and thank you for taking time out to do this.
Deborah Voorhees-
Well, you’re welcome!

TJ- I want to start off with a few of your hobbies, one of your favorite things is horseback riding. Can you Tell us a little about that?
DSV- Yes, I
have a horse, Kiawa (msp?), he’s seven years old. (inaudible) with blue eyes. He’s gorgeous.

Friday The 13th Blog: looking for post authors!

Love Friday The 13th? Write well? Have some free time? Well, why not write for the Friday The 13th Blog? Hell, I'd do it if I really wanted to write about the remake as much as the classic (That's parts I-V) saga- go check it out!

With Friday The 13th-mania coming into full swing I am sure there will be more than enough Friday The 13th news to post about! Looking forward to this and I really hope the franchise gets as popular as it was in the early to mid 1980's! Jason being re-born really gets me excited as I was nearly dead-tired of that zombie Jason bullshit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday The 13th Part V modernized trailer.

Okay, I am most definitely a minority here, but I love Friday The 13th Part V. In my eyes it's the last good Friday The 13th movie before the franchise went to shit. I have already touched on this, and this trailer from From The Morgue is fucking awesome.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dead Strut Their Stuff at Phoenix Comicon

The Dead Strut Their Stuff at Phoenix Comicon
Phoenix – The Phoenix Comicon summons the dead, or undead to be exact, to walk among the living during the Zombie Beauty Pageant and the Zombie Walk at the Mesa Convention Center.
"The zombie community is ravenous," said Jenny Brundage, Horror Programming Manager, "And they're going to be here in full force!"
The zombie sightings will begin during the Phoenix Comicon Preview Night, Thursday January 22nd. They will be gathering at 6pm in the open grass area by registration, and will then walk, shamble, and lurch through the surrounding area.
"Hunger is a serious issue, so we're combining this with a food drive," said Matt Solberg, Convention Director. "Non-perishable food only—St. Vincent de Paul won't accept fresh brains."

The undead festivities continue after the walk with the Zombie Beauty Pageant. Audience members and dismembers will enjoy laughter, screams, and delightful performances by reanimated beauties. A surprise celebrity host will entertain and discourage zombie attacks.
"Dressing in costume will increase your chance at survival," warned Brundage.

The Phoenix Comicon is Arizona's largest, multi-media and popular arts convention, focusing on comic books, anime, gaming, music, and film. The Comicon presents a full weekend schedule of guests and programming for hobbyists by attracting the top segments of the comics, anime, and gaming worlds. For more information visit

As a sidenote, Dean Lorey (writer on IX and Jason X, also cameo role involving a grate) and Erin Gray (part IX) are both guests, and will even be on a horror movies panel together.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Roy Burns.

You know, not enough people pay homage to Friday The 13th Part V. I personally love that movie and aside from it's campiness, which I sort of compare to Cheerleader Camp, the movie probably was the last Friday The 13th movie with that Friday The 13th formula and atmosphere. People generally complain that Jason is not in the film, ergo the movie is bad- but, Jason is in the film and the movie is easily better than anything that came after it. Roy as a killer was as brutal as Jason- he was relentless and very creative with his kills and his mask was just sweet!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 more Friday The 13th photos.

Thanks again to Shock Till You Drop, we have 15 more photos from the upcoming Friday The 13th movie. Again, I am very pleased with that I see- the atmosphere seems to be very much like Friday The 13th Part II (1981) in a way.

Check out the rest.

Fan film review: Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake

Cold Heart Of Crystal Lake being a relatively short fan film at around 15 minutes, it's one of the more impressive ones that I have seen. Editor/Producer/Director Joe Patnaud's vision of a cold, snowy Crystal Lake woods really delivers in the atmosphere department giving us a Jason in an army jacket. I first thought it was silly, but then again Jason's jackets in Freddy vs. Jason and the upcoming remake look far worse.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bloody Disgusting: New Friday The 13th Jason photos.

Once again Bloody Disgusting delivers with the J-Man, this time with three new production photos of the remake. I'm still having a hard tie adjusting to Jason's new looks, the jacket and Samurai sword machete, but these photos make the movie look promising. I like the lean look Jason has in this film a lot.

Check out the rest of the photos at Bloody Disgusting.

Jason Lives costume: Sickness

On the Fright Stuff Forum, the member JigSaw's brother (Sickness) is the owner of this badass costume- probably one of the best Jason Lives costumes I have seen in a very long time.

The hockey mask is by JDF/Frightstuff and the hood is from Erich Lubatti.

Otherwise, it's so damn screen accurate and looks straight from the movie. Feel free to log into Fright Stuff Forum and check it out!

UPDATE: I lost all of my files when ImageShack crashed. Sorry that the photos are missing.

Update on Lar Park Lincoln's cancer fight.

Have you heard those rumors that "Lar has cancer?"

Well yes they are true.Early October I got the dreaded Breast cancer call-not really a call more like a moan..... Darn it.. I have such great boobs!! I'm the only actress in the world left with real boobs,what a terrific claim to fame!! I have a rare form called Lobular- a version that is about 1 in 10 and doesn't show up on mammograms! Go figure! At least they have named it after me ,lobuLAR-lol
And it's not a gene type that my daughter can get - so blessings there.

Top five meanest things Jason has ever done.

I saw this little write-up that Mark Pellegrini did on the PelleCreepy blog- very amusing. Please click the title for a link to numbers 4 through 1!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remembering Mrs Voorhees.

When you think of Mrs. Voorhees you rightfully think of Betsy Palmer, right? A lot of people never acknowledge the other people who have donned the sweater and played Mrs. Voorhees, so here's a small tribute to all of the women who played Mrs. Voorhees.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fan film review: Return To Camp Blood

Gary Mongar, who for a short while was known for the fan films he would make with his family. He did a Halloween fan film (the name escapes me at the moment) that was pretty good and I remember seeing the trailer for this and eagerly anticipated it. When it was released I was really let down.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fan film review: The Return Of Jason

Part 2 of the film

I'd like to first start out by pointing out the freaking awesome camera work in this fan film. That's the one thing that really sticks out and sets this fan film apart from most. Team that up with the really well done special effects and gore and you'd think we'd have a really solid and memorable fan film, and in a way we do... but... then comes Jason. Jason in this film looks like a cross between Michael Myers and fuck, I don't know Skeletor?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Friday The 13th IV, V & VI Special Editions coming soon.

The inseparable team of Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) paired up to chat about The Final Chapter. On A New Beginning expect to hear Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton, of, and horror journalist Staci Layne Wilson muster up some love for the Jason-less sequel. And yours truly joined Barton to bestow our appreciation for Jason Lives (my favorite of the series).

So far we have been told that there will be fan commentaries on these discs. Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck about that? I talk to fans every fucking day in forums, and there are thousands of pages of people's opinions- very uninteresting to me. What I want is solid cast and crew commentaries. There was a recent Friday The 13th V reunion at Fear Fest- an awesome time to have recorded a cast and crew commentary for that.

I'm sorry, I don't give a damn what Adam Green or Joe Lynch has to say about Friday The 13th seeing their films (Hatchet & Wrong Turn 2 respectively) were absolutely shitty. These people have become celebrities- our answer to fucking David Cronenberg for new millennium horror and it's fucking ridiculous, I think they are no more talented than Eli Roth.

If these discs only have fan commentaries, I will definitely skip them. Paramount, PLEASE put something else worthwhile on these DVDs!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The history of the Part 3 & 4 shirt.

This was a pretty neat forum topic by a fella on the Fright Stuff forums. This is a short excerpt of it, but you can go ahead and read it all right here. I love really geeky trivia like this, so I felt like I would share.

Alright, I have decided to clear the air here about the actual brand of shirts used for Pt.3 and Part 4 respectively. Below is my views/opinions on the subject which I believe are 100% correct. Feel free to debate if you wish but I'll go ahead and let the pictures do the talking and help try to prove my claims. Just for record Dickies brand work shirt was not the brand used in filming.

Part 3 Shirt:
Actual On-Screen Part 3 shirt. This is a 6 button Big Mac brand "Penn Prest" (Means no ironing, ever.) Also with Soil Release which means most stains disappear. Shirt is Olive Drab color. I have several Vintage Dickies brand work shirts from around the 80's era - although pretty similar in appearance the Dickies work shirts lack the correct construction design. I've found to many flaws in the design of vintage/present Dickies work shirts to be consistent with the shirts that are seen in the film. Dickies work shirt myth, BUSTED.

The screen used shirt above has sorta of a blue hue to it. Rest assure though that this isn't the correct color, perhaps the lighting had something to do with this. The correct color of the Pt.3 shirt is Olive Drab as can be seen below in the photos.

My Big Mac Penn Prest Pt.3 work shirt that I just recently purchased. I'm very lucky to own this and was thrilled when it arrived. I've owned many nice work shirts over the years, including Dickies but nothing can compare to the ACTUAL brand used.

Read the rest of this very interesting post

Fan made Part II trailer.

Courtesy of, this has to be his best of the modernized trailers that he has done. If only Paramount would have made trailers like this for the DVD re-releases- I think that these appeal more to today's younger viewers.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fan film review: Friday The 13th: Again!

Well, there's not a lot to this fan film at all but it was a fun watch. It was done a while back, one of the first that I saw online during the fan film craze of the late 90's early 2000's. The acting is pretty good, the actors are funny and well rehearsed. The story, well it's typical with a great comic aspect to it. It's done by Braxton Films, so the quality is there regardless if it's not up to par with other Braxton films.

The official mask for Rob Zombie's H2


It's the sculpture of the mask for Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween 2. I like it, however we will see once it's put to latex and pulled from the mold and haired. Continuity wise it's pretty dead-on. I'm not saying that I am looking forward to this movie, but so far it's looking proper.

I guess I can say the mask can look worse- Halloween 5 and 6 anyone? Still, this movie may suck but will never come close to being the pieces of shit that Halloween 5-8 were.