Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Devil's Rejects Filming Locations(s)

Even though Rob Zombie has called the Friday the 13th franchise "stupid", I saw a lot of (maybe) unintentional homages throughout his 2005 movie The Devil's Rejects. The most obvious is Tiny's outfit in the beginning of the movie was spot on to Jason's in Friday the 13th: Part II.

Though, The Devil's Rejects was set in Texas, is was shot in the lower Mojave desert and places more south like Santa Clarita. Most of the movie was shot at the Sable Movie Ranch on Sand Canyon Road, right in the middle of Santa Clarita, California. Scenes like the "chicken fucker", Charlie Altamont's place, the Firefly house, and many more scenes. Here are some locations off of that movie ranch that reached as far up as Lancaster, California. 

"Buck's Grab n' Go" where Spaulding pulled into when his truck ran out of gas.
Rio Groceries is an actual store right outside of Acton, California.
Rio Groceries was used in the movie (mostly exterior shots), and is an actual store right on Soledad Canyon Road. It'a about 2 miles before the Acton KOA Campground. Even though the store has changed a little bit and was dressed up for the movie, it still remains pretty similar and still functioning.