Monday, January 7, 2013

Lost Tiffany Helm Interviews From 2000 & 2003

Tiffany Helm (fourth from right) as Violet in Friday the 13th: Part V
I just thought I would post these great q&a sessions with Tiffany Helm from long before she has come out and done interviews. In my eyes, these are pretty classic.

This first interview was conducted by Erik Nash from the long-gone website.

How did you first get started in the acting business? 
Most of my family was involved in the industry in one form or another. While I was raised by my mom, who was a successful actress, I decided that acting was too unstable of a career and I would do something else. When I was 18, I signed on with a modeling agency, in hopes of supplementing an income while I was going to school. Quirky looks were not "in" back then, so my modeling agency encouraged me to try commercials. Feeling that commercial acting was not like theatrical acting, I gave it a try. I started booking and my commercial agency started finding little theatrical auditions for me. Well, I started booking those too and then I was in. I gave up trying to do school and acting, when I booked the Robert Altman film, O.C. and Stiggs. The experience of a location shoot with a director like Bob and an extremely talented cast got me hooked.