Monday, September 1, 2014

Friday the 13th: Part V (Tina & Eddie's Death) Possible Filming Location

Turns out this was not the area the scenes were filmed – albeit still off of Mulholland. Please click this link for an updated entry with the verified locations.

A scene from the movie.
All of the water grass has long died from no water. 
Friday the 13th: Part V has been probably one of the hardest locations to find. Just recently we found the location of the house and the cafe, but the areas where Tina and Eddie were killed a well as the trailer park are still elusive.

I wasn't very familiar with the area until recently, and way back in the day (2008?) when I found John Robert Dixon on his employer's site and emailed him he told me that his death scene was shot "off of Mulholland somewhere" and "I think Malibu Creek was the name".