Monday, September 1, 2014

Friday the 13th: Part V (Tina & Eddie's Death) Possible Filming Location

Turns out this was not the area the scenes were filmed – albeit still off of Mulholland. Please click this link for an updated entry with the verified locations.

A scene from the movie.
All of the water grass has long died from no water. 
Friday the 13th: Part V has been probably one of the hardest locations to find. Just recently we found the location of the house and the cafe, but the areas where Tina and Eddie were killed a well as the trailer park are still elusive.

I wasn't very familiar with the area until recently, and way back in the day (2008?) when I found John Robert Dixon on his employer's site and emailed him he told me that his death scene was shot "off of Mulholland somewhere" and "I think Malibu Creek was the name". 

A dead Tina in a clearing. This was probably shot away from the creek since
the vegetation is completely different.
A small clearing that I found in the area.
Malibu Creek is actually a State Park, and the "creek" runs along Crags Road, alongside the Century River, to the Century Lake and into old 20th Century Fox filming land – most notably the location where M*A*S*H was shot – and then to Malibu Lake. I have heard rumors that the lake used in The Final Chapter was Malibu Lake.

Another possible area could be the Seminole Springs Trailer Park in Malibu, which is right next to a lake. However, no part of that lake has a creek or any place that resembles the part in the movie. It was suggested that the trailer park may have been the one used in the movie, but I am sure the scenes with Demon were shot in a campground and the trailer park sign was a prop.

Finding the exact shooting spot would be nearly impossible since a lot of the creek and river are now dry due to the severe drought. Vegetation also changes very rapidly within a season, and due to the aforementioned drought the vegetation is very sparse and dry. There has also been several large fires in the area, further changing the landscape and tree patterns. 

Looking in the movie, where Eddie throws the rock, it looks very shallow and narrow. So it has to be Malibu Creek. No areas along the two lakes or river really looks like this. This area is only 5 miles from the Rock Cafe where the scenes with Billy and Lana were shot, which makes it all more likely.

So, here are some shots of the Malibu Creek area to give you an idea of how it looks today. 


  1. Once again as someone whom enjoys retro things in life, must say that am *TRULY* enjoying these my friend, truly. ;-) No lie. A part of me, once I visit the greater Los Angeles area within the next years, I most definitely wish to see some modern day early Friday shooting locales.

    The east coast, which has a lot more vegetation, I also wish to come in the near-future. That was too cool that John Robert Dixon did indeed return your e-mails. I also contacted Debi-Sue Voorhees around four times via e-mail when I was seriously considering e-book writing around four years back & she was VERY generous in her responses.

    Some very good images I just enlarged to look over there. Best of luck in finding good, future shooting locale sites from Parts 3-D, The Final Chapter, A New Beginning and the pick up shots of Friday VII (pure shit I know) and Jason Goes to Shit/Hell, ect...

  2. I guess that must be a popular spot around there to shoot scenes at since I remember Lar Park Lincoln said that the scene where she finds the bodies of Sandra, Kate, Maddy and Russell were filmed right off of Mulholland Drive as well. Pretty cool that several of the Friday movies had scenes filmed around that area.

    1. Mulholland runs really far, though. The store from A New Beginning where Lana worked is right off of Mulholland. Pinehurst was right off of there, too. In fact, the Jarvis house isn't too far from Mulholland either and some scenes that they used for the lake in Part IV (the lake kills) was right off of Mulholland as well.