Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jason Lives Behind the Scenes

Since I am on a Jason Lives kick on here (two straight posts, baby!), I thought some of these were really cool. They are from TGIF13 and I believe are from the collection of Crash Cunningham.  I'm not a huge fan of this movie, but for what it is it is very fun. It's always fun and nostalgic to see behind the scenes photos of the movies since us fans were never, and will never be blessed with true "making of" featurettes of these films. Enjoy.

Since I have no clue as to the origins of these photos, I have to assume they cane from Cunningham, so if I am wrong please contact me and give me credits to post!


  1. never saw these,, thanks for posting them!!!

  2. I'm a long time reader of all of your blogs and webpages and I wanna say thanks for always posting the greatest shit. I miss the old days when you did your UTube show on VHS tapes and all. We used to talk on the Friday 13th board my name was DougSings13.

  3. HisNameWasBrandonApril 2, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    I agree, I miss his YouTube videos too. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind, such as on the declining Romero new film trilogy as they were pure shit. Or his thoughts on some overrated barely C+ films such as the original Black Christmas, ect.

    I almost always agreed with Jack like A LOT of the times.

    I really just watch the first four or so more exploitation films in the franchise these days. The rest remind me of PG-13 style more overtly mainstream movies with dated & passé street clothes fashion sense. I dunno--I applaude some of the cute casting choices but no I'm not their biggest fans. Part VI had too much comedy and gun firing & car chases for me tastes but I respect Mr. McLaughlin as that is what he was going for with his limited budget, as a writer/director trying to bring some new steam into a 6th installment.

    I respect his decisions--I just wasn't the biggest fan of his limp humor and set pieces is all ...

  4. HisNameWasBrandonApril 2, 2013 at 5:24 PM

    By the way to the poster that asked:

    I believe Jack stated that he either just plain doesn't have time to pot new YouTube videos, or his schedule is quite overly busy & plus he isn't buying or re-buying much more product as a hobby now since he sold off his stuff.

    Or maybe he was tired of the angry, badly written e-mails that many douche bags would write to him simply because they didn't agree with his (rightful) trashy of a shit film like Diary of the Dead, ect. I don't know--Jack will ultimately have to answer for us, but we have to respect his wishes for now. :)

    I do very much so miss his vids. I agree with you on that. They were funny 'n cool. :)

    1. I see. I do understand no time. I am not sure if he stopped cus of lack of response. I wanted him to know he had fans!

    2. It was partly due to that. No time to promote.

  5. Looks like corpse dummy Jason is going for a feel of Jennifer Cooke's bodacious boobalas lol. Can't say I blame him, either!

    And I miss the old cuntrytrash collection and review vids too, fellas. Those were some good times. Jack's incredible passion for collecting JV masks and busts years back also greatly influenced my own knowledge and interests and resulted in me going completely gonzo for the hobby. I owe him my sincere thanks for that, to be sure!

    1. Sadly it took way too much time to go through them., shoot, edit, upload, etc.
      And yay Jason corpse and the frigit Jennifer.

    2. Haha, yeah, she's an epic tease, even in the film lol. But man oh man... well, I've vocalized my feelings on Jen before lol. She may be something of an blazing beeyotch, but I still find her allure rather intoxicating lol.

      And I hear ya man. I quit blogging (and Twitter too, most recently) for much the same reasons. I often find with things like that that the minute you no longer come remotely close to getting back out of it what you're putting in, it's time to cut the cord. Same reason I largely abandoned message boards and the like as well. The internet is just a black hole of arrogance and egos empowered by the anonymity it enables. You try and have fun with it or simply speak your mind, and people needlessly try and shit all over you just because they can. Sucks.

      I am grateful though that you brought the F13 blog back, Jack. It's one of the best fan resources created for anything ever (seriously), and as long as you feel like posting content, you've got a loyal and appreciative reader in me.

  6. HisNameWasBrandonApril 3, 2013 at 1:56 AM

    Too bad about it being so time consuming.

    I REALLY would love to get to the video reviews one of these days in order to see how ya feel about the first five more Exploitation-style ones these days and to talk about your favorite bloopers/goofs & aspects of'em as well as the favorite honey's in them (Final Girls as they say in slasher cinema), heh heh. :)

    And double yay for the stunt/dummy Jason getting some of a-real-cunt-in-real-life Jennifer Cooke's glorious left tit. Heh heh :D
    *points & laughs*

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  8. HisNameWasBrandonApril 3, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    to Bloody_Heroics:

    I just wanted to say that your mini speech of "The internet is just a black hole of arrogance and egos empowered by the anonymity it enables. You try and have fun with it or simply speak your mind, and people needlessly try and shit all over you just because they can. Sucks." I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with.

    No lie bro. I even feel that "the early, dial-up days" of the late '90s and early 2000s for a full two years or so that was meant to bring the world together via chat rooms which have now gone by the wayside, to the "more modern" 'online gaming' & texting world, ect.

    I too no longer am a member at message boards going on four years now---it was just plain pissin' against the wind, ya know? Too much drama and older 45 year old virginal types & asshole-ish mods. And yes I mostly just use Skype audio chat, and quickie e-mails to European p-pals that I hope to meet next year and then I have Amazon for once a month & to check up on orders, YouTube where I rarely comment as I am tired of being called a douchebag to fellow North Americans that do not know me, ect.

    I also have Jack's site here as part of my severe Asperger's Syndrome is a love & support of escapist entertainment, of which I feel the early Friday moves truly were. But yes I am NOT online a full tw sedentary hours as I was as a young lad; too many assholes & assort bastards & bitches online to truly warrant that. HOWEVER, I DO credit the net with helping me find some of my best friends ever such as my dearest Raey from the Netherlands and such, ect.

    Also today for example, I just learned via Yahoo! News that Spaniard sexploitation film director Jess Franco died, and I've been collecting his legendary escapist hack work fro a little over 2 1/2 years now as a hobby. In the old days I wouldn't have learned about his death for like another two or so years.

    I like how you write & what all you wrote and (sadly) I pretty much agree with you: The internet isn't worth wasting THAT much time on now. I've even met a lot of supposedly cool, down-to-earth folks that are supposedly well traveled & speak multiple languages as a Polyglot as I so wish to be now and they were MAJOR douches, ect...

    1. Yeah, it's like anything really - pros and cons. You take the good with the bad. Like you, I've made a few good friends over the years while diddling around online, but I've also witnessed enough silly drama to fill out hundreds of high- school hallways lol. That's my biggest issue with the net at this point in time - so many people feel the need to be egregiously obnoxious and abrasive just to make themselves stand out among the crowd. Because since the advent of personalized blogs and all that, it's rendered much of the content out there completely pointless to an extent. When everyone has a voice, no one really does lol. So the end result has come to people taking themselves far too seriously and creating a tumultuous melting pot of ideas, opinions and self-centered attention-seeking behavior. Broken souls who feel they must annoyingly force the rest of the world to acknowledge that their point of view genuinely matters. It's just a maddening mess that's essentially turned into one gigantic cyberspace circle-jerk lol.

      And that's honestly a shame. It used to be fun to mess around online, and it still can be, if you know how to play loose. There's some incredible resources out there on the net and some genuinely cool and knowledgeable people behind them. But often these things get lost in the ether along the way because of all the other meaningless shit polluting the bandwidth. But for those of us that choose to dig deeper, we'll always get more out of the potential online experience than petty message board feuds and Twitter arguments. I'm much more content at this stage in my life to continue seeking out and absorbing new knowledge than trying to debate with others I hardly or barely know about the actual validity of their own lol. Computers are great and all, but some people really need to go outside once in a while.

      And truth be told, resources like this very blog and its exhaustive and comprehensively-assembled content will be the things people still look to and back on in several more decades when it comes to finding legitimate value in spending time online. What "joe blow" thinks about "x, y, and z" isn't likely going to interest anyone beyond our crazed generation when we're all dead and gone. We're living through a fascinating and frustrating age of technologically-reinforced self-worth that will eventually reach a meltdown and mass reassessment of what matters most in life. Problem is so many will have lived most of theirs the wrong way before they reach such a conclusion. I still have fun with the internet, but life was much simpler and perfectly worthwhile without it. Scary to think so many will never know what that actually felt like, once upon a time.

      Anyway, rant over lol. Back to reality...

  9. HisNameWasBrandonApril 4, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    Hey again Bloody_Heroics,

    Just like I was saying on another post here a moment ago, I have been enjoying your posts--very much so!

    Lots of high wit, intelligence & a wonderful sense of mostly well-balance in there.

    I personally see the current social networking sites such a Twitter (never had an account there) and Facebook (deleted my account in less then six months as Jack can tell ya; I got bored & Plus there was too much Spyware on there, too) as fairly pointless & total time wasters.

    Like you I can TOTALLY live large chunks of my life without the web now. However like you, I LOVE getting on Skype at least three ties a week or so to talk to my friends in Asia, mainland Europe & and Britain via audio chat and e-mail as well, too. There are fairly well-traveled, cool people online whom see things from many good angles.

    Like you I feel tat more-or-les that audio chat is superior as there is something immediately lost in text based print, however beautiful to red, and I also agree with all of your points--it all boils down to FAR TOO MUCH pointless drama & many trying to "own" many with pointless, childhood-type bullshit.

    It is just pain true. Also: I do not get some of the more popular podcast online on YouTube such as Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla and Kevin Smith with that German-named guy, ect. Some are mildly amusing and have good/solid points, however I feel that they are drunk-on-power as they feel "Okay now ONLY MY point is the right one and all else are mentally retarded!" and other potentially offensive wording.

    Also I dislike the net's automatic anonymousness that it brings that hateful racists & bigots rather they are majority or minority. Mostly when I see YouTube racism every few months I tell that they are dead-wrong and that is must plain evil-ways-of-thinking.

    And yeah you pretty much named all that I love about it (that you can look up officially fact-checked information & self-educate yourself and to get to know others from differing cultures form the lovely friends that I have form as far as Wales to the Ukraine, ect. Also you can get things for cheap entertainment wise on Amazon, plus technology is good to be familure with--I see of no real life prize for general ignorance now, to the best of my knowledge). But yeah at the same time I loathe all of the typically flawed human beings cunt-y problems that it brings along with it of SO many across the free world having a go at another another or having a message diluted, ect ...